90 Day Fiance Where Are They Now 2022?

The TLC show “90 Day Fiancé” has captivated audiences with its unique premise of following couples, where one partner is a non-American, as they navigate the complexities of obtaining a K-1 visa and marrying within 90 days. Over the years, viewers have become invested in the lives of these couples, and many are curious about where they are now. As of 2022, several couples from various seasons have continued their journey, either together or apart. This article delves into the current status of some of the most memorable “90 Day Fiancé” couples.

CoupleSeasonStatus in 2022
Loren & Alexei3Still together, expanding family
Russ & Paola1Still together, pursuing individual careers
Anfisa & Jorge4Divorced, leading separate lives
Elizabeth & Andrei5Still together, raising a family
Ashley & Jay6Divorced, moving on independently

Loren & Alexei

Loren and Alexei, who first appeared on Season 3, are one of the success stories of “90 Day Fiancé.” As of 2022, they are not only still together but have also expanded their family. The couple has welcomed multiple children and frequently shares their life updates on social media and their own spin-off show, “Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days.”

Russ & Paola

Another couple that has stood the test of time is Russ and Paola from the very first season. They have faced their fair share of challenges, especially concerning Paola’s modeling career and Russ’s job situation. However, in 2022, they remain a united front, raising their son and pursuing their individual careers, with Paola focusing on fitness and wellness and Russ in the oil industry.

Anfisa & Jorge

Anfisa and Jorge’s relationship was tumultuous from the start, and by 2022, the couple had divorced. Jorge served time in prison for marijuana-related charges and, upon release, transformed his life, losing weight and starting a new business. Anfisa, on the other hand, has pursued higher education and a career in bodybuilding.

Elizabeth & Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei’s journey has been filled with family drama, particularly involving Elizabeth’s family. Despite the obstacles, they are still together in 2022, raising their daughter and continuing to appear on “90 Day Fiancé” spin-offs, showcasing their life and ongoing family dynamics.

Ashley & Jay

Ashley and Jay’s relationship was marked by infidelity and trust issues. By 2022, the couple had divorced. Ashley has been focusing on her children and health, while Jay has been working on his tattoo business and personal growth.

David & Annie

David and Annie, from Season 5, have become fan favorites due to their quirky and loving relationship. In 2022, they are still together, and Annie has started her own cooking business. They also entertain fans with their appearances on various “90 Day Fiancé” spin-offs and social media platforms.

Colt & Larissa

The relationship between Colt and Larissa was one of the most dramatic in the series’ history. By 2022, they had long been divorced. Colt has moved on and married Vanessa, while Larissa has been focusing on her personal brand and underwent multiple cosmetic surgeries.

Michael & Juliana

Michael and Juliana, who faced skepticism due to their age difference, are no longer together as of 2022. They had a peaceful separation and have remained on good terms, with Juliana pursuing a career in modeling and music, and Michael focusing on his wine business and children from a previous marriage.

Angela & Michael

Angela and Michael’s relationship has been one of the most volatile on the show. Despite numerous explosive arguments and trust issues, as of 2022, they are still married. Angela has undergone significant weight loss surgery, and Michael remains in Nigeria, waiting for his visa issues to be resolved.

Deavan & Jihoon

Deavan and Jihoon’s cross-cultural relationship faced many challenges, and by 2022, they had separated. Deavan returned to the United States with her children and started a new relationship, while Jihoon remains in South Korea, working and staying connected with his child through video calls.

FAQ Section

Are any “90 Day Fiancé” couples still together?

Yes, several “90 Day Fiancé” couples are still together as of 2022, including Loren & Alexei, Russ & Paola, Elizabeth & Andrei, and David & Annie.

Have any “90 Day Fiancé” couples had children?

Many “90 Day Fiancé” couples have had children, such as Loren & Alexei, Russ & Paola, and Elizabeth & Andrei.

Do “90 Day Fiancé” couples appear on spin-off shows?

Yes, many “90 Day Fiancé” couples continue their television journey on spin-off shows like “Happily Ever After?” and “Pillow Talk.”


The “90 Day Fiancé” series has given viewers a glimpse into the lives of international couples facing the challenges of love, cultural differences, and the U.S. immigration system. As of 2022, while some couples have parted ways, others have flourished, building families and careers, both together and separately. The show’s ability to capture the complexities of relationships continues to resonate with audiences, and the updates on these couples provide a fascinating continuation of their stories. Whether still united or forging new paths, the cast of “90 Day Fiancé” has left an indelible mark on reality TV and the viewers who follow their journeys.

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