Angela Cullen Net Worth 2024


Angela Cullen is a name that has gained significant recognition in the world of Formula 1 racing. As the personal assistant to Lewis Hamilton, one of the most successful drivers in the history of the sport, Cullen has become a familiar face in the paddock. However, her net worth is a topic that has sparked curiosity among fans and followers. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Angela Cullen’s estimated net worth in 2024.

Estimated Net Worth:$1.5 million
Country of Origin:New Zealand
Source of Wealth:Physiotherapy, Personal Assistant

Early Life and Career

Angela Cullen was born in 1977 in New Zealand. She pursued a career in physiotherapy and worked with various sports teams before joining Hintsa Performance, a company that provides high-performance services to top athletes and business executives. It was here that she was assigned to work with Lewis Hamilton as his personal physiotherapist and assistant.

Role with Lewis Hamilton

Angela Cullen’s role with Lewis Hamilton extends beyond just physiotherapy. She is responsible for managing Hamilton’s schedule, ensuring he is in peak physical condition, and providing emotional support. Her dedication and commitment to her role have been praised by Hamilton and have contributed to her increasing net worth.

Income from Hintsa Performance

As a senior member of Hintsa Performance, Angela Cullen earns a significant income. While the exact figures are not disclosed, it is estimated that her salary from the company contributes substantially to her net worth.

Additional Income Sources

Aside from her salary, Angela Cullen also earns income from various other sources. These include bonuses from Hamilton’s winnings, endorsements, and other business ventures. These additional income sources have played a crucial role in increasing her net worth.


Like many high-income individuals, Angela Cullen has likely made investments that contribute to her wealth. While the details of her investments are not publicly known, they could include real estate, stocks, and other assets.

Lifestyle and Spending Habits

Angela Cullen leads a relatively private life, and her spending habits are not widely known. However, she is known to lead a healthy lifestyle, which could indicate that she spends a significant portion of her income on health and wellness-related expenses.

Charitable Contributions

Angela Cullen is known to be involved in various charitable activities. While these contributions may not directly contribute to her net worth, they reflect her values and priorities and could potentially impact her income through tax deductions.

Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the world of sports, including Formula 1. However, it is unclear how this has affected Angela Cullen’s net worth. It is possible that her income may have been affected due to changes in the racing schedule and other related factors.

Future Earnings Potential

Angela Cullen’s future earnings potential looks promising. With her continued role with Lewis Hamilton and Hintsa Performance, her income is likely to continue to grow. Additionally, her potential investments and business ventures could further increase her net worth.

Net Worth in 2024

Considering all these factors, Angela Cullen’s estimated net worth in 2024 is projected to be around $1.5 million. This estimate takes into account her salary, additional income sources, potential investments, and future earnings potential.


In conclusion, Angela Cullen’s net worth is a reflection of her successful career as a physiotherapist and personal assistant to one of the world’s top athletes. Her dedication, hard work, and strategic financial decisions have contributed to her growing wealth. While her net worth is not as publicly discussed as that of the athletes she works with, it is clear that she has built a successful career and financial stability. As she continues her role with Lewis Hamilton and potentially expands her business ventures, her net worth is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

The net worth figures and related information presented here are derived from a variety of public sources. These figures should not be regarded as definitive or fully accurate, as financial positions and valuations are subject to change over time.
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