Anna Sorokin Net Worth 2024


Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, is a name that has been making headlines in recent years. Born in Russia and raised in Germany, Sorokin moved to New York City in her early 20s and posed as a wealthy German heiress to infiltrate the city’s elite social circles. Her story has been the subject of intense media scrutiny, a high-profile court case, and a Netflix series. But what is Anna Sorokin’s net worth in 2024? Let’s delve into the details.

Estimated Net Worth:To be determined
Born:January 23, 1991
Country of Origin:Russia
Source of Wealth:Notoriety, Media Deals

Early Life and Background

Anna Sorokin was born in Domodedovo, a satellite town in Moscow Oblast, Russia. Her family moved to Germany when she was 16 years old. She later moved to Paris to intern for the French fashion magazine, Purple. It was during this time that she began to pose as Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress.

The Anna Delvey Persona

As Anna Delvey, Sorokin lived a lavish lifestyle in New York City, staying in luxury hotels, dining at expensive restaurants, and attending exclusive parties. She convinced others that she had a €60 million trust fund overseas, which she used to fund her extravagant lifestyle.

In 2017, Sorokin was arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand larceny, theft of services, and other crimes. She was accused of defrauding banks, hotels, and friends out of more than $200,000. In 2019, she was found guilty and sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison.

Net Worth Before Conviction

Before her arrest, Sorokin’s net worth was difficult to determine due to her fraudulent activities. She lived a lifestyle that suggested a high net worth, but it was all funded through deceit and manipulation.

Net Worth After Conviction

After her conviction, Sorokin’s net worth was essentially zero. She was ordered to pay restitution of approximately $199,000 and a fine of $24,000. Additionally, she was required to pay back the money she owed to various hotels and businesses.

Netflix Deal and Its Impact on Net Worth

In 2019, Netflix announced that it had acquired the rights to Sorokin’s story and would be producing a series based on her life. Sorokin was reportedly paid $320,000 for the rights to her story. However, under New York’s “Son of Sam” law, which prevents criminals from profiting from their crimes, most of this money was seized to pay off her debts.

Release from Prison and Deportation

Sorokin was released from prison in February 2021 and was immediately taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying her visa. She was deported to Germany in March 2021.

Current Financial Status

As of 2024, Sorokin’s financial status is uncertain. She has expressed plans to capitalize on her notoriety through various projects, including a memoir and a fashion line. However, it is unclear how successful these ventures will be.

Anna Sorokin Net Worth 2024: A Prediction

Given the uncertainty surrounding Sorokin’s financial status and future plans, it is difficult to accurately predict her net worth in 2024. However, it is likely that any income she earns will be heavily scrutinized and potentially seized to pay off her remaining debts.


Anna Sorokin’s story is a fascinating tale of deception and downfall. Her net worth, like her persona, has been built on illusion and manipulation. As of 2024, her financial future remains uncertain. Despite her plans to profit from her notoriety, it is likely that any income she earns will be used to pay off her substantial debts. Regardless of her net worth, Sorokin’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of deceit and the pursuit of wealth at any cost.

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