Candice King Net Worth 2024


Candice King, born Candice Rene Accola, is a renowned American actress, singer, and songwriter, best known for her role as Caroline Forbes on the CW’s hit series, “The Vampire Diaries.” Her career in the entertainment industry has spanned over a decade, and she has amassed a significant amount of wealth through her various endeavors. This article will delve into the details of Candice King’s net worth as projected for the year 2024.

Estimated Net Worth:$12 million
Born:May 13, 1987
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Candice King was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Edgewood, Florida. She developed an interest in the performing arts at a young age and began her career in the entertainment industry as a background singer for pop stars like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

Acting Career

King’s acting career took off when she landed the role of Caroline Forbes in “The Vampire Diaries,” which ran from 2009 to 2017. Her performance in the series earned her widespread recognition and several awards. She has also appeared in other TV shows and films, contributing significantly to her net worth.

“The Vampire Diaries”

King’s role in “The Vampire Diaries” was a major breakthrough in her career. The series was a massive hit, and her character, Caroline Forbes, became a fan favorite. Her earnings from the show played a significant role in boosting her net worth.

Other TV Shows and Films

Aside from “The Vampire Diaries,” King has appeared in other TV shows like “Supernatural” and “The Originals.” She has also starred in films like “Juno” and “Deadgirl,” further increasing her wealth.

Music Career

In addition to acting, King is also a talented singer and songwriter. She released her debut album, “It’s Always the Innocent Ones,” in 2006. The album was re-released in Japan in 2008 and helped establish her as a musician.

Album Sales

King’s album sales have also contributed to her net worth. Her debut album was well-received, and its re-release in Japan helped boost her international fame and earnings.

Background Singing

Before her acting and solo music career took off, King worked as a background singer for several pop stars. This early work in the music industry also contributed to her wealth.

Endorsements and Other Ventures

Like many celebrities, King has leveraged her fame to secure endorsement deals and engage in other ventures. These have also contributed to her net worth.

Endorsement Deals

King has endorsement deals with several brands, which provide a steady stream of income. These deals often involve promoting products on her social media platforms.

Other Ventures

King has also ventured into other areas, such as voice acting and podcasting. She co-hosts a podcast called “Directionally Challenged” with fellow actress Kayla Ewell.

Real Estate Investments

King has made some savvy real estate investments over the years. She owns a beautiful home in Los Angeles, which is estimated to be worth over $1 million.

Charitable Work

While not directly contributing to her net worth, King’s charitable work is worth mentioning. She is involved in several charities and uses her platform to raise awareness for causes she believes in.


In conclusion, Candice King’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $12 million. This wealth comes from her successful career in acting, music, endorsement deals, and other ventures. Her role in “The Vampire Diaries” played a significant role in boosting her wealth, but her diverse talents and ventures have ensured a steady increase in her net worth. Despite her success, King remains dedicated to her craft and continues to explore new opportunities in the entertainment industry.

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