Cast Of Vegas Where Are They Now?

The television series “Vegas,” which aired from 2012 to 2013, was a period drama set in the 1960s that depicted the true story of Ralph Lamb, a rodeo cowboy turned long-time Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada. The show, despite its short run, featured a talented ensemble cast that brought the story of Las Vegas’s past to life. Years after the show’s cancellation, fans often wonder where the cast members have ended up and what projects they have been involved in since. This article will explore the whereabouts and career trajectories of the “Vegas” cast members.

Introduction to the Cast of “Vegas”

The cast of “Vegas” was led by Dennis Quaid, who played the role of Sheriff Ralph Lamb, and Michael Chiklis, who portrayed Vincent Savino, a Chicago mobster. The show also featured a supporting cast that included Carrie-Anne Moss, Jason O’Mara, and Taylor Handley, among others. Let’s delve into where these actors are now and how their careers have evolved since the show’s conclusion.

Dennis Quaid (Ralph Lamb)

  • After “Vegas,” Quaid continued to work in both film and television.
  • He starred in movies such as “A Dog’s Purpose” and its sequel “A Dog’s Journey.”
  • Quaid also appeared in the Amazon series “Fortitude” and the Netflix series “Merry Happy Whatever.”
  • Most recently, he portrayed Ronald Reagan in the biopic “Reagan.”

Michael Chiklis (Vincent Savino)

  • Chiklis, known for his role in “The Shield,” went on to star in “American Horror Story: Freak Show.”
  • He also had a role in the CBS series “Coyote.”
  • Chiklis has done voice work for animated shows and continues to be active in both television and film.

Carrie-Anne Moss (Katherine O’Connell)

  • Post-“Vegas,” Moss reprised her role as Trinity in “The Matrix Resurrections.”
  • She also played a significant role in the Marvel Netflix series “Jessica Jones.”
  • Moss has appeared in several films and continues to be a prominent figure in Hollywood.

Jason O’Mara (Jack Lamb)

  • O’Mara has been quite active in voice acting, particularly as Batman in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies.
  • He starred in the series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” as Jeffrey Mace.
  • O’Mara has also appeared in “The Man in the High Castle” and “The Good Wife.”

Taylor Handley (Dixon Lamb)

  • Handley has made guest appearances in various television shows, including “APB” and “The O.C.”
  • He had a recurring role in the series “Bosch.”
  • Handley continues to act in both TV and film, with a focus on independent projects.

Where Are They Now: A Summary Table

Here is a quick summary of the main cast members and their current endeavors:

ActorCharacter on “Vegas”Recent Projects
Dennis QuaidRalph Lamb“A Dog’s Purpose,” “Fortitude,” “Merry Happy Whatever,” “Reagan”
Michael ChiklisVincent Savino“American Horror Story,” “Coyote”
Carrie-Anne MossKatherine O’Connell“The Matrix Resurrections,” “Jessica Jones”
Jason O’MaraJack LambDC Universe Animated Movies, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “The Man in the High Castle”
Taylor HandleyDixon Lamb“APB,” “Bosch”

Supporting Cast Members

Beyond the main stars, “Vegas” featured a number of supporting actors who have also continued to build their careers:

Sarah Jones (Mia Rizzo)

  • Jones went on to star in the TV series “Alcatraz” and “Damnation.”
  • She has also appeared in “The Path” and “For All Mankind.”

Jonathan Banks (Angelo)

  • Banks is widely recognized for his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in “Breaking Bad” and its spin-off “Better Call Saul.”
  • He has received several award nominations for his performances.

Vinessa Shaw (Laura Savino)

  • Shaw has appeared in various films and TV shows, including “Ray Donovan” and “12 Mighty Orphans.”
  • She continues to work in both television and film.

Guest Stars and Recurring Roles

“Vegas” also featured a number of guest stars and actors in recurring roles who have since moved on to other projects:

Michael Reilly Burke (D.A. Reynolds)

  • Burke has had roles in “The Collector,” “The Closer,” and “Major Crimes.”
  • He continues to be a familiar face on television.

Shawn Doyle (Patrick Byrne)

  • Doyle has been part of the cast of “The Expanse” and “Bellevue.”
  • He has also appeared in “Fargo” and “House of Cards.”

Aimee Garcia (Yvonne Sanchez)

  • Garcia is known for her role in “Dexter” and later starred in “Lucifer.”
  • She has also done voice work for animated series.

Legacy of “Vegas”

Although “Vegas” had a brief run, its portrayal of the early days of Sin City and its colorful characters left a lasting impression on its audience. The show’s blend of Western motifs with mob drama created a unique television experience that is still remembered fondly by fans.

FAQ Section

Why was “Vegas” cancelled?

“Vegas” was cancelled after one season due to a combination of factors, including declining ratings and high production costs.

Has there been any talk of a “Vegas” revival or reboot?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding a revival or reboot of “Vegas.”

Can I still watch episodes of “Vegas”?

Yes, episodes of “Vegas” are available for purchase on various digital platforms, and the series can sometimes be found on streaming services.


The cast of “Vegas” has continued to thrive in the entertainment industry, taking on diverse roles that showcase their talents. From blockbuster films to critically acclaimed television series, these actors have expanded their portfolios and left an indelible mark on Hollywood. While “Vegas” may no longer be on the air, the legacy of its cast members endures, as they continue to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances.

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