Josh Altman Net Worth 2024

Josh Altman is a name synonymous with luxury real estate in Los Angeles. As a prominent figure on the hit reality TV show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” Altman has become one of the most recognized real estate agents in the United States. His success in high-end property sales has not only made him a celebrity but also amassed him a significant fortune. In this article, we delve into Josh Altman’s net worth as of 2024, exploring the various facets that contribute to his financial standing.

Estimated Net Worth:$30 million
Born:March 10, 1979
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Real Estate, Television, Author

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Josh Altman’s journey to becoming a real estate mogul began in Newton, Massachusetts, where he was born and raised. After graduating from college, Altman moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in real estate. He started off by flipping homes, which gave him a solid foundation in the industry and helped him to understand the market dynamics.

Real Estate Success

Altman’s real estate career took off when he joined a high-profile real estate firm in Los Angeles. His knack for closing deals and his aggressive approach quickly made him one of the top agents in the city. Altman specializes in luxury properties in areas such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Hollywood Hills, where multimillion-dollar sales are common.

Television Fame

Altman’s charisma and success caught the attention of television producers, leading to his role on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” The show, which follows the lives of high-end real estate agents in LA, has significantly boosted Altman’s profile and has been a contributing factor to his net worth.

Author and Speaker

Apart from his television and real estate ventures, Altman has authored books on real estate and success, including “It’s Your Move.” He is also a sought-after speaker, sharing his knowledge and experience at various industry events and seminars.

Personal Brand and Endorsements

Josh Altman has leveraged his fame to build a personal brand that extends beyond real estate. He has endorsed products and services, which likely adds to his income stream and overall net worth.

The real estate market is subject to fluctuations, and Altman’s net worth is influenced by these trends. As of 2024, the market conditions, including interest rates and housing demand in Los Angeles, play a significant role in his financial success.

Investments and Assets

Altman’s investments are not limited to real estate. He has diversified his portfolio to include stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles, which contribute to his net worth.


Altman is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He supports various charitable organizations and events, although these contributions are not directly tied to his net worth, they reflect his commitment to giving back to the community.

Real Estate Company

Alongside his brother, Matt Altman, Josh co-founded the Altman Brothers, a real estate group that operates under the brokerage Douglas Elliman. This venture has significantly increased his earnings and net worth.

Media Appearances and Collaborations

Altman’s media appearances extend beyond “Million Dollar Listing.” He has been featured on other television shows and in interviews, which may also contribute to his income through appearance fees.

Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the real estate market. Altman’s ability to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic has been crucial in maintaining and growing his net worth during this period.

Real Estate Market Predictions

Looking ahead, real estate market predictions for Los Angeles and the luxury sector can influence Altman’s business strategies and, consequently, his net worth.

Brand Partnerships

Altman has partnered with various brands that align with his luxury real estate image. These partnerships likely include lucrative deals that add to his income.

Public Speaking Engagements

As a public speaker, Altman commands high fees for his appearances, sharing insights on real estate, sales, and personal development.

Book Sales and Royalties

The sales of Altman’s books and any associated royalties contribute to his income. His publications have been well-received within the industry and by aspiring entrepreneurs.

Real Estate Commissions

The core of Altman’s income comes from real estate commissions. Given the high value of the properties he deals with, these commissions can be substantial.

FAQs About Josh Altman’s Net Worth

  • How does Josh Altman make most of his money?
    Josh Altman makes most of his money through high-value real estate transactions, television appearances, book sales, and public speaking engagements.
  • Has “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” significantly impacted Altman’s net worth?
    Yes, the exposure and branding from “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” have significantly contributed to Altman’s net worth by increasing his client base and marketability.
  • Does Josh Altman invest in real estate personally?
    Yes, Altman invests in real estate personally, which includes flipping houses and holding properties for long-term appreciation.
  • What is the most expensive property Josh Altman has ever sold?
    While the exact details may vary over time, Altman has been involved in several high-profile sales, including properties worth tens of millions of dollars.
  • How has the pandemic affected Josh Altman’s business?
    The pandemic initially introduced uncertainty into the real estate market, but Altman adapted by leveraging virtual tours and digital marketing to continue closing deals.


In conclusion, Josh Altman’s net worth in 2024 is a testament to his prowess in the real estate industry, his strategic business moves, and his ability to capitalize on his fame. His diversified income streams, including television, book sales, public speaking, and brand endorsements, have all contributed to his financial success. As the real estate market continues to evolve, Altman’s adaptability and expertise will likely ensure that his net worth remains on an upward trajectory. Whether you’re a fan of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” or an aspiring real estate entrepreneur, Josh Altman’s career offers valuable insights into building wealth in the competitive world of luxury real estate.

The net worth figures and related information presented here are derived from a variety of public sources. These figures should not be regarded as definitive or fully accurate, as financial positions and valuations are subject to change over time.
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