Liver King Net Worth 2024 [Salary Details]

Who is Liver King?

Liver King, whose real name is Brian Johnson, is a social media personality, entrepreneur, and advocate of the “ancestral lifestyle.” He gained popularity through his posts and videos on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where he promotes a lifestyle based on the ways of early human ancestors.

This includes consuming raw meats (particularly organ meats like liver, hence his moniker), engaging in intense physical workouts, and adhering to nine tenets he believes are key to living a fulfilling life. Liver King’s distinct persona, characterized by his muscular physique and advocacy for natural living, has garnered a substantial following online.

What is Liver King’s Net Worth in 2024?

Liver King’s net worth is primarily derived from his activities as a social media influencer, brand endorsements, and his business ventures related to health and fitness.

Estimated Net Worth:$1 million
Age:Estimated in mid-40s
Real Name:Brian Johnson
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur, Health and Fitness Advocate
Table: Liver King Net Worth 2024

How much does Liver King get paid?

Liver King’s income streams include earnings from his social media presence, where he likely monetizes his content through platform ad revenues and brand partnerships.

His promotion of the ancestral lifestyle has led to collaborations with various health and fitness brands, adding to his revenue. Additionally, he may earn from selling his own branded products or services related to diet and fitness.

Liver King’s Career Earnings

Liver King’s career earnings are tied to his relatively recent rise to fame on social media. His unique brand and lifestyle advocacy have captured the attention of a specific health and fitness audience, contributing to his earnings through online content and brand endorsements. His entrepreneurial ventures in the health and fitness sector likely also contribute to his income.

Liver King’s Early Life

Not much is publicly known about Liver King’s early life before he emerged as a social media personality. He has shared that his commitment to the ancestral lifestyle stems from personal experiences and a desire to return to the natural ways of early human ancestors.

Background and Education

Details about Liver King’s background, including his education and early career, are not widely publicized.

Liver King’s Career

Liver King’s career as a social media influencer is centered on his advocacy for a primal lifestyle, which he shares with his online audience.

Rise to Social Media Fame

He gained popularity for his distinctive approach to fitness and diet, which involves consuming raw organ meats and engaging in rigorous physical activities.

Advocacy for Ancestral Lifestyle

Liver King promotes what he calls the “ancestral lifestyle,” encouraging practices he believes were followed by early humans.

Business Ventures

He is involved in business ventures that align with his lifestyle advocacy, potentially including dietary supplements and fitness programs.

Online Content Creation

Liver King produces content for various social media platforms, attracting followers with his unique lifestyle and physical feats.

Liver King’s Personal Life

Liver King maintains a persona that aligns with his ancestral lifestyle advocacy, which is reflected in both his online presence and personal life.

Lifestyle and Diet

He is known for his strict adherence to a diet rich in raw meats and a rigorous physical regimen.


Liver King often features his family in his social media content, showcasing their participation in similar lifestyle practices.

Public Perception

His persona has generated both intrigue and skepticism, making him a notable figure in the health and fitness community on social media.


  • Unique Social Media Persona: Known for his advocacy of eating raw liver and other organ meats.
  • Advocate of Ancestral Living: Promoting a lifestyle based on his interpretation of early human habits.
  • Significant Online Following: Attracting a large audience on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
  • Health and Fitness Entrepreneur: Involved in business ventures related to his lifestyle advocacy.
  • Content Creation: Producing engaging content that aligns with his beliefs and lifestyle.
  • Influence in the Health Community: Impacting discussions around diet and natural living.
  • Family Involvement: Including his family in his lifestyle and online content.
  • Brand Partnerships: Collaborating with health and fitness brands.
  • Public Speaker and Advocate: Speaking on topics related to health, diet, and fitness.
  • Cultivating a Unique Brand: Establishing a distinct presence in the health and wellness social media space.


Liver King’s net worth in 2024 reflects his successful leveraging of a unique persona and lifestyle advocacy into a career as a social media influencer and entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry.

His promotion of the ancestral lifestyle, while controversial, has garnered significant attention and a dedicated following, translating into various income streams. Liver King’s story is an example of how distinctive personal branding and content creation can lead to financial success and influence in the digital age.

The net worth figures and related information presented here are derived from a variety of public sources. These figures should not be regarded as definitive or fully accurate, as financial positions and valuations are subject to change over time.
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