Love Island 2018 Where Are They Now?

Love Island, the reality TV sensation, has been a summer staple for viewers across the UK and beyond. The 2018 season was particularly memorable, with a cast of characters who found love, friendship, and fame under the Spanish sun. But where are the Islanders now, years after their initial foray into the spotlight? This article delves into the lives of the Love Island 2018 contestants, exploring their journeys since leaving the villa.

Introduction to Love Island 2018

The fourth series of Love Island premiered on June 4, 2018, and quickly became one of the most talked-about shows of the summer. Contestants coupled up, competed in challenges, and navigated the ups and downs of on-screen relationships, all while the public watched and voted on their favorites. As the series concluded, fans were left wondering what would become of the stars they had grown to love.

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

  • Winners of Love Island 2018
  • Public breakup and individual careers

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, the winning couple, captured the hearts of the nation with their genuine connection. However, their relationship did not stand the test of time outside the villa. They announced their split in April 2019. Since then, Jack has appeared on several reality shows and launched a fitness brand, while Dani has pursued acting, released a book, and welcomed a baby with another partner.

Laura Anderson and Paul Knops

  • Runners-up of the season
  • Post-show split and personal growth

Runners-up Laura Anderson and Paul Knops parted ways shortly after the show ended. Laura has since become a social media influencer and has been involved in various fashion and beauty campaigns. Paul has returned to his modeling career and keeps a relatively low profile on social media.

Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson

  • Controversial couple with a strong connection
  • Career moves and public breakups

Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson were one of the more controversial couples, but they left the villa together. Their relationship ended in early 2019. Wes has enjoyed success in the entertainment industry, appearing on ‘Dancing on Ice’ and releasing music. Megan has become an advocate for mental health and body positivity and continues to model and appear on TV.

Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley

  • Another strong couple from the series
  • Entrepreneurial ventures and new relationships

Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley also seemed solid as they left the villa, but they split in early 2019. Josh has leveraged his Love Island fame into a career in presenting, working with sports brands and media outlets. Kaz has launched her own makeup line and remains a social media influencer with a significant following.

Dr. Alex George

  • The villa’s resident doctor
  • Advocacy for mental health and a government appointment

Dr. Alex George, known for his unlucky-in-love stint on the show, has since become an advocate for mental health awareness. He was appointed as a Youth Mental Health Ambassador by the UK government and continues to work as an A&E doctor.

Samira Mighty

  • Early departure for love
  • Continued career in entertainment

Samira Mighty left the villa early to pursue a relationship with Frankie Foster, which eventually ended. She has since focused on her career in musical theatre and television, participating in shows like ‘X Factor: Celebrity.’

Adam Collard and Zara McDermott

  • A tumultuous relationship in the villa
  • Individual pursuits and new relationships

Adam Collard and Zara McDermott’s relationship was a rollercoaster during their time on Love Island. They split in early 2019. Adam continues to work as a personal trainer and influencer, while Zara has appeared on ‘Made in Chelsea’ and works as a documentary filmmaker and influencer.

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake

  • A brief romance on the show
  • Separate paths post-villa

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake’s relationship was short-lived after the show. Ellie has become a social media influencer and appeared on ‘Ex on the Beach.’ Charlie has kept a lower profile, focusing on his business ventures.

Alex Miller and Alexandra Cane

  • Joined the show mid-season
  • Post-show career developments

Alex Miller and Alexandra Cane did not leave the villa as a couple, but both have found success in their respective fields. Alex returned to his career in glazing and occasionally appears at public events. Alexandra has become a health and wellness influencer, sharing her fitness journey with her followers.

Rosie Williams

  • Early exit from the villa
  • Return to law and influencer work

Rosie Williams, who left the villa early in the season, returned to her career in law. She also balances influencer work with her legal profession, advocating for women’s rights and empowerment.

Love Island 2018: Where Are They Now Summary Table

Below is a summary table of the Love Island 2018 contestants mentioned and their current endeavors:

FAQs About Love Island 2018 Contestants

Are any Love Island 2018 couples still together?

No, as of the latest updates, none of the couples who left the villa together in 2018 are still in a relationship.

Has any contestant from Love Island 2018 made a significant career change?

Yes, several contestants have made significant career changes. Dr. Alex George, for example, has become a mental health advocate and government advisor.

Do Love Island 2018 contestants still interact with each other?

While some contestants have remained friends and occasionally interact on social media, many have gone their separate ways and are focused on their individual careers and lives.


The Love Island 2018 contestants have taken diverse paths since leaving the villa. From pursuing careers in entertainment and fitness to advocating for mental health and returning to previous professions, these individuals have continued to grow and evolve in the public eye. While the romantic connections formed on the show may not have lasted, the impact of their summer on Love Island remains a defining moment in each of their lives.

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