Mafs Season 12 Where Are They Now?

Married at First Sight (MAFS) is a social experiment that has captivated audiences around the world. The show pairs strangers based on scientific matchmaking and they meet for the first time at the altar. Season 12 of MAFS, which aired in 2021, was particularly memorable for its dramatic relationships and surprising outcomes. Fans have been eager to know where the couples and individuals from this season are now, and how their lives have changed since the cameras stopped rolling. This article delves into the current status of the participants from MAFS Season 12.

CoupleStatus on ShowCurrent Status
Clara and RyanStayed TogetherDivorced
Briana and VincentStayed TogetherStill Married
Virginia and ErikStayed TogetherDivorced
Haley and JacobDivorced on Decision DaySeparated
Paige and ChrisDivorced on Decision DaySeparated

Clara and Ryan

Clara and Ryan decided to stay married at the end of MAFS Season 12. However, their journey post-show has not been smooth sailing. Despite their initial commitment, the couple announced their divorce in July 2021. Since then, Clara has been focusing on her career and personal growth, often sharing her life updates on social media. Ryan has kept a lower profile but has hinted at new ventures in his life through his online presence.

Briana and Vincent

Briana and Vincent were a fan-favorite couple who chose to stay married at the end of the season. They have continued to build their life together and are still married. The couple frequently shares their love and life milestones on social media, including their travels and family gatherings. They have become an example of a MAFS success story.

Virginia and Erik

Virginia and Erik also decided to stay married at the season’s conclusion. However, their marriage faced challenges, and they eventually divorced. Since the split, Virginia has been active on social media, sharing her adventures and social life. Erik has been more private but occasionally gives glimpses into his post-show life, which seems to include a focus on his career as a pilot.

Haley and Jacob

Haley and Jacob had a tumultuous relationship on the show and ultimately decided to divorce on Decision Day. Post-show, Haley has been traveling and enjoying time with friends, as seen on her social media accounts. Jacob has returned to his passion for 80s nostalgia and fitness, often posting about his home renovations and workouts.

Paige and Chris

The relationship between Paige and Chris was one of the most controversial of the season, ending in divorce on Decision Day. Paige has been using her platform to inspire and empower others, particularly focusing on faith and fitness. Chris has been involved in various business ventures and has shared his journey of personal growth and reflection after the show.

Life After Reality TV

The cast members from MAFS Season 12 have had to adjust to life after reality TV. This transition can be challenging as they return to their normal lives while dealing with the public’s perception and the aftermath of their televised marriages. Many have taken to social media to connect with fans and share their ongoing journeys.

Public Perception and Social Media

The participants of MAFS Season 12 have experienced varying degrees of public scrutiny. Some have embraced the spotlight, using their platforms to build personal brands or advocate for causes they believe in. Others have chosen to step back from the public eye, seeking privacy and normalcy after their TV fame.

Personal Growth and Development

Many Season 12 cast members have spoken about the personal growth they’ve experienced since being on the show. They’ve learned lessons about love, communication, and self-awareness, which they’ve taken into their lives post-MAFS. This growth is often a silver lining, regardless of the outcome of their TV marriages.

Continued Connection with Fans

Some of the MAFS Season 12 cast members have maintained a strong connection with their fans. They engage with followers through Q&A sessions, share life updates, and even offer advice based on their experiences on the show. This continued interaction has helped them build communities around their post-show endeavors.

Reflections on the MAFS Experience

Reflecting on their time on MAFS, many Season 12 participants have expressed gratitude for the experience. They acknowledge the unique opportunity to find love in an unconventional way and to learn more about themselves in the process. These reflections often come with a mix of fond memories and recognition of the challenges they faced.

Relationship Status Updates

Since the show, there have been significant changes in the relationship statuses of the Season 12 cast. Some have found new love, while others have taken time to focus on themselves. These updates are a testament to the ongoing journey of finding happiness and fulfillment in their personal lives.

New Ventures and Career Moves

Post-MAFS, several cast members have embarked on new ventures and career moves. They’ve started businesses, pursued new job opportunities, and even made career changes. These endeavors showcase their resilience and ambition beyond their reality TV personas.

Lessons Learned from Marriage at First Sight

The lessons learned from participating in a show like MAFS are invaluable. Cast members have gained insights into relationship dynamics, the importance of communication, and the value of patience and understanding. These lessons have undoubtedly shaped their approach to future relationships and life decisions.

FAQs About MAFS Season 12 Cast

  • Are any of the MAFS Season 12 couples still together?
    As of the latest updates, only Briana and Vincent remain married. The other couples have divorced or separated.
  • How have the cast members dealt with negative public reactions?
    Each cast member has handled public scrutiny differently, with some addressing it head-on through social media, while others have chosen to ignore it and focus on their personal lives.
  • What advice do MAFS Season 12 participants have for future cast members?
    Many advise future participants to stay true to themselves, be open to the process, and maintain clear communication with their partners.


In conclusion, the cast of MAFS Season 12 has experienced a whirlwind of changes since their time on the show. While not all marriages were successful, each participant has embarked on a unique path of personal growth and new beginnings. From continued relationships to new love interests, career changes to personal development, the lives of these individuals have evolved in unexpected ways. Their stories serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of love and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of public scrutiny and personal challenges. As they move forward, the cast of MAFS Season 12 continues to captivate fans with their post-show journeys, proving that life after reality TV can be just as compelling as the show itself.

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