Marjorie Harvey Net Worth 2024


Marjorie Harvey is a well-known American socialite, fashion icon, and entrepreneur. She is also recognized as the wife of popular television host and comedian, Steve Harvey. Marjorie has made a name for herself in the fashion industry and has amassed a significant net worth over the years. This article will delve into the details of Marjorie Harvey’s projected net worth in 2024, her sources of wealth, and her journey to financial success.

Estimated Net Worth:$50 million
Born:October 10, 1964
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Fashion, Entrepreneurship

Marjorie Harvey’s Early Life

Marjorie Harvey was born on October 10, 1964, in the United States. Not much is known about her early life and family background, as she prefers to keep her personal life private. However, it is known that she had a passion for fashion from a young age, which later played a significant role in her career and wealth accumulation.

Marjorie’s Career in Fashion

Marjorie Harvey is a fashion enthusiast and has made a significant impact in the fashion industry. She is the founder of the fashion blog ‘The Lady Loves Couture,’ where she shares her fashion tips, trends, and lifestyle advice. Her blog has gained a massive following, contributing significantly to her net worth.

The Lady Loves Couture

‘The Lady Loves Couture’ is a fashion blog that Marjorie started to share her love for fashion with the world. The blog features high-end fashion trends, beauty tips, and lifestyle advice. It has gained a massive following over the years, contributing significantly to her net worth.

Marjorie Harvey’s Handbags

Marjorie Harvey also has her line of handbags called ‘Marjorie Harvey’s Handbags.’ The handbags are known for their unique designs and high-quality materials. The sales from her handbag line have also contributed to her net worth.

Marjorie’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Aside from her fashion career, Marjorie Harvey is also a successful entrepreneur. She has invested in several businesses, including real estate, which have significantly increased her wealth.

Real Estate Investments

Marjorie Harvey has made several real estate investments over the years. She owns several properties in the United States, which have significantly increased in value, contributing to her net worth.

Other Business Ventures

Marjorie Harvey has also invested in several other businesses, including a clothing line and a beauty brand. These investments have also contributed to her wealth.

Marjorie’s Philanthropic Efforts

Marjorie Harvey is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She and her husband, Steve Harvey, have a foundation called ‘The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation,’ which provides mentoring programs for young people. Although her philanthropic efforts do not directly contribute to her net worth, they show her commitment to giving back to the community.

Marjorie Harvey’s Lifestyle

Marjorie Harvey leads a luxurious lifestyle, thanks to her significant net worth. She is known for her extravagant fashion sense and travels extensively. She also owns several luxury cars and properties.

Luxury Properties

Marjorie Harvey owns several luxury properties in the United States. These properties are worth millions of dollars and contribute to her net worth.

Luxury Cars

Marjorie Harvey also owns several luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce and a Bentley. These cars are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and add to her net worth.


In conclusion, Marjorie Harvey’s projected net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $50 million. Her wealth comes from her successful career in the fashion industry, her entrepreneurial ventures, and her investments. Despite her wealth, Marjorie remains committed to giving back to the community through her philanthropic efforts. Her story is a testament to her hard work, determination, and passion for fashion.

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