Married At First Sight Season 13 Where Are They Now?

Married at First Sight, the daring social experiment where singles meet their spouses for the first time at the altar, has captivated audiences for years. Season 13 of the hit reality TV show, which took place in Houston, Texas, was no exception. As the season concluded, fans were left wondering about the fate of these couples. This article delves into the lives of the Season 13 cast members to answer the burning question: Where are they now?

Introduction to Season 13 Couples

Season 13 of Married at First Sight featured five couples who embarked on the journey to find love in an unconventional way. The couples were Myrla and Gil, Bao and Johnny, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Brett and Ryan. Each pair had their unique set of challenges and triumphs, which kept viewers glued to their screens week after week.

Myrla and Gil

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero were one of the couples that fans had high hopes for. Despite their different lifestyles and personalities, they seemed to find common ground. However, the question remains: did their marriage withstand the test of time?

Bao and Johnny

Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam’s relationship was a rollercoaster of emotions. With a history that predated the show, their marriage had an added layer of complexity. Their journey was one of the most watched and talked about among fans.

Michaela and Zack

Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman’s connection was instant and intense. However, their relationship was also marked by volatility. Viewers are eager to know if they managed to smooth out their differences or if they went their separate ways.

Rachel and Jose

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. had a strong start, bonding over shared interests and goals. But as with any marriage, they faced obstacles. The progress of their relationship post-show is of great interest to fans.

Brett and Ryan

Brett and Ryan’s marriage was challenged from the start. With different communication styles and expectations, many wondered if they could overcome these hurdles. Their current status is a topic of curiosity for many viewers.

Post-Show Updates on the Couples

After the cameras stopped rolling, the couples returned to their everyday lives, and fans have been keen to follow their post-show journeys. Here’s what we know about where they are now.

Myrla and Gil: Life After Decision Day

Myrla and Gil decided to stay married on Decision Day. However, their relationship took a turn during the reunion special when it was revealed that they had separated. Since then, both have been focusing on their individual lives. Myrla has been active on social media, sharing her luxurious lifestyle and travels, while Gil has been more private about his personal life.

Bao and Johnny: From History to Present

Bao and Johnny’s marriage ended in divorce, as confirmed during the reunion. Post-show, Bao has been seen embracing new experiences and advocating for mental health awareness. Johnny has kept a lower profile but occasionally shares glimpses of his life on social media.

Michaela and Zack: Navigating Single Life

Michaela and Zack’s relationship ended shortly after the show, with both parties moving on to focus on personal growth. Michaela has been involved in various projects and continues to share her life updates with her followers. Zack has also been pursuing his own interests and maintaining a presence online.

Rachel and Jose: Are They Still Together?

Rachel and Jose’s relationship status has been a subject of speculation. While they chose to stay married on Decision Day, their social media activity since then has been ambiguous, leaving fans guessing about their current relationship status.

Brett and Ryan: Finding Their Own Paths

Brett and Ryan decided to divorce, and both have been rediscovering themselves as individuals. Brett has been active on social media, sharing her adventures and personal achievements. Ryan has been more private, but he occasionally posts about his outdoor activities and family.

Individual Growth and New Ventures

Since their time on Married at First Sight, many of the Season 13 cast members have embarked on new ventures and personal development.

Myrla’s Professional and Personal Pursuits

Myrla has continued to excel in her career as an educational leader and has also launched a lifestyle blog where she shares her passion for fashion and travel.

Johnny’s Focus on Well-being

Johnny has been open about his journey towards better mental and physical health, often advocating for self-care and wellness on his social media platforms.

Michaela’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Michaela has channeled her entrepreneurial spirit into various business ventures, including a clothing line and real estate investments.

Rachel’s Educational Goals

Rachel has been pursuing further education and professional development in her field, showcasing her dedication to lifelong learning.

Ryan’s Commitment to Family and Fitness

Ryan has been spending quality time with his family and focusing on his fitness journey, participating in various outdoor sports and activities.

FAQ Section

  • Are any of the Season 13 couples still together?

    As of the latest updates, it appears that none of the Season 13 couples are still together. However, the status of Rachel and Jose remains uncertain due to ambiguous social media activity.

  • Have any of the cast members from Season 13 started new relationships?

    Some cast members have hinted at new relationships on social media, but they have generally kept details of their romantic lives private post-show.

  • What is the biggest takeaway for the Season 13 cast members from their experience on Married at First Sight?

    Many of the Season 13 cast members have expressed that their experience on the show taught them valuable lessons about communication, self-awareness, and what they want in a partner.


In conclusion, the cast of Married at First Sight Season 13 has moved on from their televised marriages, with each individual taking different paths in life. While none of the marriages from this season appear to have lasted, the participants have gained new insights into themselves and what they seek in relationships. They continue to grow personally and professionally, sharing parts of their journey with the world. As fans, we can only wish them well and hope that they find the happiness and love they are looking for.

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