Masterchef Junior Season 1 Where Are They Now?

MasterChef Junior, the culinary competition that showcases the talents of young cooks, has become a beloved television phenomenon. Season 1, which aired in 2013, introduced us to a group of talented kids who could cook with the finesse of seasoned chefs. Since then, viewers have often wondered about the paths these young culinary prodigies have taken. This article delves into the lives of the contestants from MasterChef Junior Season 1 and where they are now.

Introduction to MasterChef Junior Season 1

MasterChef Junior Season 1 premiered on September 27, 2013, featuring Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich as judges. The show brought together 24 contestants aged between 8 and 13, all competing for the title of MasterChef Junior and a $100,000 prize. The season was filled with intense challenges, creativity, and the kind of cooking that belied the contestants’ young ages.

Alexander Weiss: The Inaugural Winner

  • After winning the first season, Alexander Weiss continued to pursue his passion for cooking.
  • He has participated in several cooking events and has been featured in various media outlets.
  • Alexander has also expressed interest in culinary education, aiming to inspire other young chefs.

Dara Yu: The Runner-Up

  • Dara Yu, known for her signature bow and impressive culinary skills, finished as the runner-up.
  • She has since appeared on other cooking shows and continues to cook professionally.
  • Dara has also been involved in charity work related to food and cooking.

Sofia Hublitz: From Cooking to Acting

  • Sofia Hublitz, who placed in the top 10, transitioned from cooking to acting.
  • She is best known for her role as Charlotte Byrde in the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Ozark.”
  • Her acting career has been her primary focus since her time on MasterChef Junior.

Gavin Pola: Continuing the Culinary Journey

  • Gavin Pola, another top contestant, has maintained his love for cooking.
  • He has been involved in various culinary projects and continues to hone his skills.
  • Gavin often shares his cooking adventures on social media platforms.

Sarah Lane: The Young Chef with Big Dreams

  • Sarah Lane, one of the youngest contestants, has not let her age limit her culinary aspirations.
  • She has participated in cooking demonstrations and has been active in the food community.
  • Sarah’s future in the culinary world looks promising as she continues to grow and learn.

Troy Glass: From Cooking to Entertainment

  • Troy Glass, known for his cooking prowess, has also ventured into the entertainment industry.
  • He has appeared in TV shows and commercials, showcasing his versatility beyond the kitchen.
  • Troy continues to cook and share his passion for food with his followers.

Jack Hoffman: The Young Chef’s Next Steps

  • Jack Hoffman captured hearts with his cooking skills and charming personality.
  • Post-show, Jack has been involved in culinary events and has continued to cook for family and friends.
  • He remains passionate about food and cooking, often sharing his creations online.

Kaylen Alfred: Culinary Passion Persists

  • Kaylen Alfred showed great potential on the show and has kept up with her culinary interests.
  • She has been seen participating in cooking-related activities and pursuing her love for food.
  • Kaylen’s journey in the culinary world is still unfolding as she explores various opportunities.

Roen Salvacion: Embracing the Culinary Arts

  • Roen Salvacion, another young talent from the show, has embraced his culinary journey.
  • He has been active in the food scene and continues to develop his cooking skills.
  • Roen’s dedication to the culinary arts is evident in his ongoing work and learning.

Molly Round: A Flourishing Food Enthusiast

  • Molly Round, known for her creativity in the kitchen, has flourished as a food enthusiast.
  • She has been involved in various food-related ventures and continues to express her love for cooking.
  • Molly’s culinary path is marked by her continued passion and engagement with food.

Tommy Peters: The Young Chef’s Evolution

  • Tommy Peters, one of the youngest contestants, has evolved in his culinary pursuits.
  • He has taken part in cooking events and has been active in the culinary community.
  • Tommy’s growth as a chef is evident in his ongoing commitment to cooking.

Jewels Gold: A Gem in the Culinary World

  • Jewels Gold, with her distinctive approach to cooking, remains a gem in the culinary world.
  • She has continued to cook and take part in food-related activities post-show.
  • Jewels’ unique culinary style continues to shine as she pursues her passion for food.

Nathan Odom: A Culinary Artist in the Making

  • Nathan Odom impressed with his artistic approach to cooking on the show.
  • Since then, he has been refining his culinary skills and exploring different aspects of food.
  • Nathan’s journey as a culinary artist is marked by his dedication and creativity.

Hana Chung: The Culinary Explorer

  • Hana Chung, known for her adventurous spirit in the kitchen, has become a culinary explorer.
  • She has been experimenting with different cuisines and cooking techniques.
  • Hana’s exploration of the culinary world continues to be a significant part of her life.

Where Are They Now: A Summary Table

ContestantCurrent Endeavors
Alexander WeissCulinary events, media features, culinary education
Dara YuCooking shows, professional cooking, charity work
Sofia HublitzActing career, known for “Ozark”
Gavin PolaCulinary projects, social media presence
Sarah LaneCooking demonstrations, food community involvement
Troy GlassEntertainment industry, continued cooking
Jack HoffmanCulinary events, cooking for personal connections
Kaylen AlfredCooking-related activities, culinary exploration
Roen SalvacionActive in food scene, skill development
Molly RoundFood-related ventures, cooking passion
Tommy PetersCooking events, culinary community engagement
Jewels GoldContinued cooking, food-related activities
Nathan OdomCulinary skill refinement, food artistry
Hana ChungCuisine experimentation, culinary techniques

FAQ Section

What was the prize for winning MasterChef Junior Season 1?

The winner of MasterChef Junior Season 1, Alexander Weiss, received a $100,000 grand prize.

Has any contestant from MasterChef Junior Season 1 pursued a career outside of cooking?

Yes, Sofia Hublitz, who was a top 10 contestant, has pursued an acting career and is known for her role in “Ozark.”

Do the contestants from MasterChef Junior Season 1 still cook?

Many of the contestants from MasterChef Junior Season 1 continue to cook, either professionally or as a passionate hobby. Some have also participated in cooking events and demonstrations.


The young chefs from MasterChef Junior Season 1 have taken diverse paths since their time on the show. From pursuing careers in the culinary world to branching out into acting, these talented individuals have continued to grow and succeed in their respective fields. Their journeys reflect not only their skills and passion for cooking but also their ability to adapt and thrive beyond the MasterChef Junior kitchen. As they continue to make their mark, they serve as an inspiration to young aspiring chefs everywhere.

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