Nyc Prep Where Are They Now?

When “NYC Prep” premiered on Bravo in 2009, it offered viewers a glimpse into the lives of a group of affluent teenagers navigating the social scene of New York City’s elite private schools. The reality show was often described as the real-life counterpart to the popular drama series “Gossip Girl.” However, unlike their fictional counterparts, the cast members of “NYC Prep” had to deal with the aftermath of exposing their adolescent lives to the world. More than a decade later, fans of the show are curious about where the cast members are now and how their lives have unfolded since the cameras stopped rolling.

Camille Hughes

Camille Hughes was known for her ambition and focus on getting into Harvard. After the show, she continued her education and attended the College of William & Mary, where she studied finance. Camille has since carved out a career in the financial sector and has worked for various firms. She keeps a low profile on social media, which suggests she prefers to keep her personal life private.

PC Peterson

Peter Cary “PC” Peterson was the show’s blonde-haired bad boy, known for his partying ways and candid confessions. Post-“NYC Prep,” PC has maintained a presence in New York City’s social scene. He has dabbled in acting and modeling but has also faced some personal challenges. PC has been open about his struggles with substance abuse, though recent updates suggest he is working towards recovery and wellness.

Jessie Leavitt

Jessie Leavitt, the fashion-forward member of the group, pursued her passion for fashion after the show ended. She has worked in various capacities within the fashion industry, including public relations and styling. Jessie has also been involved in philanthropic work, particularly in causes related to children’s welfare and education.

Sebastian Oppenheim

The heartthrob of the show, Sebastian Oppenheim, was known for his laid-back surfer vibe and his way with the ladies. After “NYC Prep,” Sebastian attended college at Rollins College in Florida. He has since kept a relatively low profile, and while he does not actively seek the spotlight, he occasionally pops up on social media where he shares glimpses of his life.

Kelli Tomashoff

Aspiring singer Kelli Tomashoff was often seen trying to balance her music career with her schoolwork on “NYC Prep.” Post-show, Kelli continued to pursue music and released a few singles. She has also explored the world of entrepreneurship and has been involved in the beauty industry. Kelli is active on social media, where she shares her ongoing projects and personal life.

Taylor DiGiovanni

Taylor DiGiovanni was the youngest cast member and the only one attending public school. After the show, she kept a low profile and reportedly continued her education. Details about her current endeavors are scarce, as she has stayed out of the public eye and does not maintain a public social media presence.

Life After Reality TV

The cast members of “NYC Prep” have all taken different paths since their reality TV days. Some have pursued the careers they dreamed of on the show, while others have taken new directions. Here’s a closer look at their journeys:

  • Camille Hughes: Finance professional, College of William & Mary alumna, private life.
  • PC Peterson: Socialite, occasional actor and model, personal challenges.
  • Jessie Leavitt: Fashion industry professional, philanthropist.
  • Sebastian Oppenheim: College graduate, low-profile lifestyle.
  • Kelli Tomashoff: Singer, entrepreneur, beauty industry involvement.
  • Taylor DiGiovanni: Continued education, private life.

Impact of Reality TV Fame

Being on “NYC Prep” had a significant impact on the lives of its cast members. The exposure and scrutiny that came with reality TV fame affected them in various ways:

  • Increased public interest in their personal lives and decisions.
  • Opportunities for career advancement in entertainment and related fields.
  • Challenges in maintaining privacy and dealing with the stigma of reality TV.

Where Are They Now: A Summary Table

Cast MemberCurrent EndeavorEducationPublic Presence
Camille HughesFinance SectorCollege of William & MaryPrivate
PC PetersonModeling/ActingN/APublic
Jessie LeavittFashion IndustryN/APublic
Sebastian OppenheimUndisclosedRollins CollegeSemi-Public
Kelli TomashoffMusic/EntrepreneurshipN/APublic
Taylor DiGiovanniUndisclosedN/APrivate

FAQ Section

What was “NYC Prep” about?

“NYC Prep” was a reality TV show that followed a group of affluent teenagers in New York City as they navigated high school life, social status, and personal ambitions.

Did any of the “NYC Prep” cast members achieve fame beyond the show?

While none of the cast members achieved widespread fame, some have maintained a presence in their respective industries, such as fashion and entertainment.

Has there been a reunion show for “NYC Prep”?

As of the knowledge cutoff date, there has been no official reunion show for “NYC Prep.” The cast members have largely gone their separate ways.


The cast of “NYC Prep” has grown up and moved on from their reality TV days. Each member has taken a unique path, with some finding success in their chosen fields and others opting for a life away from the public eye. While the show provided a snapshot of their teenage years, it’s clear that the experiences and exposure have shaped their adult lives in various ways. Whether pursuing careers in finance, fashion, or entertainment, or simply seeking a quieter life, the “NYC Prep” alumni have all embarked on journeys that are as diverse as the city they once showcased on television.

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