Original Barney Cast Where Are They Now?

The children’s television series “Barney & Friends” first aired in 1992 and quickly became a beloved staple in many households. The show featured a friendly, purple dinosaur named Barney who sang and danced with a group of children, teaching them lessons about friendship, kindness, and imagination. The original cast members who interacted with Barney played a significant role in the show’s success and have since moved on to various paths in life. This article explores where the original Barney cast members are now, providing a comprehensive update on their lives post their stint on the show.

David Joyner (The Man Inside Barney)

  • After hanging up the purple suit, David Joyner continued his career in entertainment. He has appeared in several TV shows and movies.
  • He also works as a personal trainer and a tantra massage specialist, a path that has garnered media attention.
  • David Joyner’s post-Barney career has been diverse, reflecting his multifaceted talents and interests.

Bob West (Voice of Barney)

  • Bob West was the original voice behind Barney’s cheerful and loving character.
  • After leaving the show, he continued voice acting in various projects and has been involved in software development.
  • West has also lent his voice to numerous commercials and continues to be active in the voiceover community.

Julie Johnson (Voice of Baby Bop)

  • Julie Johnson provided the voice for Barney’s green dinosaur friend, Baby Bop.
  • Post-Barney, she has remained active in voice acting and theater productions.
  • Johnson has also been involved in educational programs, bringing music and performance to children.

Pia Manalo (Min)

  • Pia Manalo was one of the original children on the show, known for her role as Min.
  • After her time on Barney, she pursued a career in dance and theater.
  • Manalo has kept a relatively low profile but continues to be involved in the performing arts.

Brian Eppes (Michael)

  • Brian Eppes played Michael, one of Barney’s friends, and was known for his love of baseball on the show.
  • He later pursued a career in law and became an attorney in Texas.
  • Eppes has since stepped away from the entertainment industry to focus on his legal career.

Leah Gloria (Luci)

  • Leah Gloria, who played Luci, was known for being the older sister to Tina on the show.
  • After her departure, she continued her education and has maintained a private life away from the spotlight.
  • Details about her current endeavors are scarce, as she has chosen to keep her post-Barney life personal.

Jessica Zucha (Tina)

  • Jessica Zucha portrayed Tina, Luci’s younger sister, and was a fan favorite for her sweet demeanor.
  • She took a break from acting to focus on her studies and personal development.
  • Zucha has since made occasional appearances in media but largely stays out of the public eye.

Salim Grant (Derek)

  • Salim Grant was known for his role as Derek, one of Barney’s original friends.
  • He has continued his career in the entertainment industry, with roles in TV shows and movies.
  • Grant has also explored music production and other creative ventures.

Rickey Carter (Derek)

  • Rickey Carter took over the role of Derek after Salim Grant and brought his own charm to the character.
  • Post-Barney, Carter faced some legal troubles but has since worked to turn his life around.
  • His current activities are not widely publicized, and he maintains a low profile.

Lauren King (Kathy)

  • Lauren King played the role of Kathy, known for her distinctive pigtails and shy personality.
  • After leaving the show, King pursued academics and has kept her life after Barney private.
  • She has not returned to acting and has chosen a life away from the limelight.

Jeff Ayers (Baby Bop)

  • Jeff Ayers was the performer inside the Baby Bop costume, bringing the character to life with his movements.
  • Following his time on Barney, Ayers continued to work in costume performance and puppeteering.
  • He has also been involved in various stage productions and educational programs.

Dean Wendt (Voice of Barney)

  • Dean Wendt took over as the voice of Barney after Bob West and helped continue the legacy of the beloved dinosaur.
  • Wendt has remained active in voice acting, contributing to various children’s programs and projects.
  • He is also a co-founder of Radio Disney.

Hope Cervantes (Tosha)

  • Hope Cervantes was known for her role as Tosha, a character that appeared in the later seasons of the original cast’s run.
  • After Barney, she continued acting for a while but eventually shifted her focus to education.
  • Cervantes has since earned a degree and works in the field of education.

John David Bennett II (Shawn)

  • John David Bennett II played Shawn, a character who dealt with a stutter and learned to overcome his challenges with Barney’s help.
  • Since his time on the show, Bennett has kept a low profile and details about his current endeavors are limited.
  • He has not pursued a public career in entertainment or media.

Table: Summary of Original Barney Cast Members

NameRole on Barney & FriendsCurrent Endeavors
David JoynerThe Man Inside BarneyActor, Personal Trainer, Tantra Massage Specialist
Bob WestVoice of BarneyVoice Actor, Software Developer
Julie JohnsonVoice of Baby BopVoice Actor, Theater Performer
Pia ManaloMinDance, Theater
Brian EppesMichaelAttorney
Leah GloriaLuciPrivate Life
Jessica ZuchaTinaPrivate Life
Salim GrantDerekActor, Music Producer
Rickey CarterDerekPrivate Life
Lauren KingKathyPrivate Life
Jeff AyersBaby BopCostume Performance, Puppeteer
Dean WendtVoice of BarneyVoice Actor, Co-founder of Radio Disney
Hope CervantesToshaEducation Field
John David Bennett IIShawnPrivate Life

FAQ Section

What happened to the actor who played Barney?

David Joyner, the actor who played Barney, has continued his career in entertainment and also works as a personal trainer and tantra massage specialist.

Did any of the original Barney cast continue acting?

Some cast members, like Salim Grant, continued acting in various roles in TV and film. Others have moved on to different careers or have kept their lives private.

Are there any reunions of the original Barney cast?

There have been occasional reunions and interviews where cast members have reminisced about their time on the show, but there hasn’t been a formal reunion of the entire original cast.


The original cast of “Barney & Friends” has ventured into a wide array of careers and lifestyles since their time on the show. While some have continued in the entertainment industry, others have pursued careers in law, education, and other fields. The impact of their performances on “Barney & Friends” remains a fond memory for many who grew up watching the show. As they’ve moved on with their lives, the lessons of friendship and imagination they shared with audiences continue to resonate with fans around the world.

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