Patrick Warburton Net Worth 2024


Patrick Warburton is a renowned American actor and voice artist, best known for his distinctive deep, resonant voice and roles in popular television series like “Seinfeld,” “The Tick,” and “Family Guy.” His successful career in the entertainment industry has spanned over three decades, contributing significantly to his net worth. This article delves into the projected net worth of Patrick Warburton in 2024, his career journey, and the factors contributing to his wealth.

Estimated Net Worth:$35 million
Born:November 14, 1964
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Actor, Voice Artist

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Patrick Warburton was born in Paterson, New Jersey, and raised in Southern California. He attended Orange Coast College, where he pursued marine biology before dropping out to try his luck in modeling and acting. His acting career began in the late 1980s with minor roles in television series and films.

Breakthrough and Rise to Fame

Warburton’s breakthrough came in 1995 when he was cast as David Puddy, Elaine Benes’s on-and-off boyfriend in the hit sitcom “Seinfeld.” His performance was well-received, and this role catapulted him to fame.

Success in Voice Acting

Warburton has also found considerable success as a voice actor. He has lent his voice to numerous animated series and films, including “Family Guy,” “The Emperor’s New Groove,” and “Kim Possible.”

Continued Success in Television and Film

After “Seinfeld,” Warburton continued to land roles in various television series and films. He starred in the live-action superhero series “The Tick” and had recurring roles in “Less Than Perfect” and “Rules of Engagement.”

Income from Television and Film Roles

Warburton’s roles in television and film have significantly contributed to his net worth. He has consistently worked in the industry for over three decades, earning a substantial income from his acting roles.

Voice Acting in Video Games

In addition to television and film, Warburton has also done voice work for several video games, including the “Skylanders” series and “Tales from the Borderlands.” This has provided another stream of income, adding to his net worth.

Income from Video Game Roles

Warburton’s work in video games has also contributed to his wealth. The video game industry is a lucrative one, and voice actors can earn a significant income from their roles.

Endorsements and Other Ventures

Warburton has also earned money from endorsements and other ventures. He has appeared in commercials for companies like Honda and M&M’s, and he has lent his voice to the popular ride “Soarin’ Around the World” at Disney theme parks.

Income from Endorsements and Other Ventures

Endorsements and other ventures have provided Warburton with additional income, further increasing his net worth.

Patrick Warburton Net Worth 2024

Considering his consistent work in television, film, and video games, as well as his endorsements and other ventures, it is projected that Patrick Warburton’s net worth will be around $35 million in 2024.


In conclusion, Patrick Warburton has built a successful career in the entertainment industry, earning a substantial net worth through his acting roles in television, film, and video games, as well as his endorsements and other ventures. His distinctive voice and comedic timing have made him a sought-after actor and voice artist, contributing significantly to his wealth. With his continued work in the industry, it is projected that his net worth will reach around $35 million by 2024.

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