Peter Hermann Net Worth 2024


Peter Hermann is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, recognized for his acting prowess in both film and television. Born in New York City and raised in Germany, Hermann has made a name for himself through his diverse roles and undeniable talent. As of 2024, his net worth is a topic of interest for many, given his successful career spanning over two decades.

Estimated Net Worth:$30 million
Born:August 15, 1967
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Actor, Writer

Peter Hermann’s Early Life

Peter Hermann was born in New York City but spent most of his childhood in Germany. He returned to the United States for college, attending Yale University where he discovered his passion for acting. After graduation, he pursued his acting career, starting with theater before moving on to television and film.

Acting Career

Hermann’s acting career began in the theater, where he honed his skills and developed his craft. He then transitioned to television, landing roles in popular shows such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Blue Bloods”. His film credits include “United 93” and “Marci X”.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

One of Hermann’s most notable roles is as attorney Trevor Langan in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. His recurring role in this popular series significantly contributed to his fame and wealth.


Hermann also starred in the TV Land series “Younger” as Charles Brooks, a role that further established his acting career and increased his net worth.

Writing Career

In addition to acting, Hermann is also a successful writer. He has written for various publications and is the author of the children’s book “If the S in Moose Comes Loose”. His writing career has also contributed to his overall net worth.

Personal Life

Hermann is married to actress Mariska Hargitay, and they have three children together. Their relationship and family life have been well-documented in the media, adding to Hermann’s public profile and popularity.

Real Estate Investments

Part of Hermann’s wealth comes from his real estate investments. He and his wife own several properties in New York and Los Angeles, which have significantly increased in value over the years.

Charitable Work

Hermann is also known for his charitable work. He and his wife are involved in several charities, including the Joyful Heart Foundation, which Hargitay founded. Their philanthropic efforts have earned them respect and admiration, further enhancing Hermann’s public image and popularity.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Like many celebrities, Hermann has also earned income from endorsements and sponsorships. He has worked with several brands throughout his career, adding to his overall net worth.

Future Projects

As of 2024, Hermann continues to be active in the entertainment industry. He has several projects lined up, which are expected to further increase his net worth.


In conclusion, Peter Hermann’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $30 million. This wealth is a result of his successful acting and writing careers, as well as his real estate investments, endorsements, and sponsorships. Despite his wealth, Hermann remains grounded and is known for his charitable work. With several future projects in the pipeline, his net worth is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

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