Qb1 Where Are They Now?

The Netflix series “QB1: Beyond the Lights” has captivated football fans by providing an intimate look at the lives of high school quarterbacks as they navigate the challenges of their final seasons before moving on to college football. The show has featured several talented athletes since its inception, and viewers often wonder where these players are now and how their careers have progressed. This article delves into the journeys of these quarterbacks after the spotlight of “QB1” dimmed, exploring their triumphs, setbacks, and current endeavors.

Season 1 Quarterbacks: Where Are They Now?

Jake Fromm

Jake Fromm, the standout quarterback from Warner Robins, Georgia, led his team to a state championship and committed to the University of Georgia. After a successful college career, Fromm entered the NFL Draft and was selected by the Buffalo Bills. His professional journey has seen ups and downs, including practice squad stints and a brief tenure with the New York Giants.

Tate Martell

Tate Martell’s high school career was marked by his dynamic play and a commitment to Ohio State. However, his college career involved multiple transfers, with stops at Miami and UNLV. Martell’s journey has been a rollercoaster, with injuries and position changes impacting his trajectory.

Tayvon Bowers

Tayvon Bowers faced adversity with a knee injury during his senior year but went on to play for Wake Forest University. His time in college has been about perseverance and growth, as he has worked to earn playing time and contribute to his team.

Season 2 Quarterbacks: Updates on Their Careers

Justin Fields

Justin Fields quickly became a household name after his high school career, transferring from the University of Georgia to Ohio State, where he excelled. Fields was a Heisman Trophy finalist and was drafted by the Chicago Bears, where he is currently developing as their starting quarterback.

Sam Hartman

Sam Hartman’s journey took him to Wake Forest University, where he has become a key player for the Demon Deacons. His college career has been impressive, with record-setting performances and leadership on and off the field.

Re-al Mitchell

Re-al Mitchell started his college career at Iowa State before transferring to Temple University. His athletic ability has been on display, though he has faced competition for the starting quarterback role.

Season 3 Quarterbacks: Continuing Their Football Aspirations

Spencer Rattler

Spencer Rattler’s high-profile recruitment led him to the University of Oklahoma. After a promising start, Rattler transferred to the University of South Carolina, seeking a fresh start and the opportunity to showcase his talents.

Nik Scalzo

Nik Scalzo’s commitment to the University of Kentucky was just the beginning. Despite facing injuries, Scalzo has remained determined to make an impact on the Wildcats’ football program.

Lance LeGendre

Lance LeGendre’s athleticism took him to the University of Maryland, and later to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His college career has involved adapting to different systems and striving for playing time.

Post-Show Challenges and Achievements

Adapting to College Football

Transitioning from high school to college football is a significant step for any athlete. The quarterbacks from “QB1” have had to adjust to faster gameplay, more complex playbooks, and the pressure of performing at a higher level.

Injuries and Setbacks

Injuries are an unfortunate part of football, and several “QB1” stars have faced them. Their resilience and determination to return to the field are testaments to their character and dedication to the sport.

Transfers and New Beginnings

College football can be unpredictable, and transfers have become a common part of the game. For some “QB1” quarterbacks, finding the right fit has meant changing schools and embracing new opportunities.

Life Beyond Football

Academic Pursuits

While football is a significant focus, the student-athletes from “QB1” have also been dedicated to their academic careers, understanding the importance of education in their long-term success.

Community Involvement

Many of the quarterbacks featured on the show have been active in their communities, participating in charity work and using their platforms to make a positive impact.

Future Aspirations

As these athletes look to the future, they balance dreams of playing professionally with realistic plans for life after football, including coaching, business ventures, and other professional careers.

QB1 Athletes in the Professional Ranks

NFL Draft and Beyond

For those “QB1” stars who have reached the NFL, the draft was just the beginning. They continue to work hard to secure their spots on rosters, contribute to their teams, and achieve their dreams of football success at the highest level.

Practice Squads and Free Agency

Not all journeys lead straight to stardom, and some QB1 alumni find themselves on practice squads or navigating free agency as they strive to prove their worth in the competitive world of professional football.

Staying Connected with Fans

Social Media Presence

The quarterbacks from “QB1” maintain active social media profiles, sharing updates on their lives, engaging with fans, and providing insights into their ongoing football journeys.

Media Appearances and Interviews

As their profiles have risen, many of these athletes have been featured in interviews and media appearances, offering a glimpse into their experiences since the show aired.

FAQ Section

Which “QB1” quarterbacks have made it to the NFL?

Jake Fromm and Justin Fields are among the “QB1” alumni who have been drafted into the NFL. Their progress is closely watched by fans of the show and football enthusiasts alike.

How have injuries affected the careers of “QB1” quarterbacks?

Injuries have been a significant hurdle for some of the quarterbacks, impacting their playing time and development. However, many have shown resilience in overcoming these challenges and continuing their football careers.

Are any “QB1” stars no longer playing football?

While most “QB1” quarterbacks are still pursuing their football careers, the realities of the sport mean that some may eventually move on to other professional endeavors outside of football.


The quarterbacks featured in “QB1: Beyond the Lights” have experienced a wide range of successes and challenges since their high school days. From college transfers to NFL Draft picks, injuries to academic achievements, their stories are as diverse as they are inspiring. As they continue to grow both on and off the field, these athletes remain connected to the fans who have followed their journeys from the beginning. Whether they’re making plays on the gridiron or contributing to their communities, the “QB1” alumni are forging paths that are worth watching in the years to come.

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