Ready To Love Season 1 Cast Where Are They Now?

When “Ready to Love” premiered on OWN in 2018, it brought a fresh take on the dating reality show format, focusing on black men and women in their 30s and 40s looking for long-lasting love. The show, hosted by Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, aimed to offer a more mature perspective on the dating scene. As viewers, we invested our time and emotions into the lives of the cast, rooting for their success in love. But where are the members of the Season 1 cast now? Let’s catch up with the singles from the first season and see where life has taken them since the cameras stopped rolling.

Introduction to the Cast of “Ready to Love” Season 1

The inaugural season of “Ready to Love” featured a dynamic and diverse group of successful black men and women. They came from various professional backgrounds, including business owners, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs, all sharing the common goal of finding a partner. The show was set in Atlanta, a city known for its vibrant culture and bustling social scene, which provided the perfect backdrop for the cast’s romantic endeavors.

Aaron Cotteral

Aaron Cotteral, the financial advisor who was a part of several love triangles on the show, has continued his career in finance. He’s also active on social media, where he shares insights on financial literacy and personal growth. Despite his somewhat controversial time on the show, Aaron has maintained a positive public image post-show.

Alexx Blanks

Alexx Blanks, one of the fan favorites, faced a serious health challenge after the show when he was diagnosed with brain flu. The “Ready to Love” community rallied around him, showing immense support. As of now, Alexx has made significant progress in his recovery and continues to share his journey with his followers, inspiring many with his resilience.

Angela Ross

Angela Ross, known for her straightforward attitude, has been relatively private since her time on the show. She occasionally updates her social media with life events and motivational messages, maintaining a connection with her supporters.

Ashlee Akins

Ashlee Akins, who left the show early, has been quite busy since her departure. She launched her own line of beauty products and continues to work as an actress and model. Ashlee also engages with her fans through social media and personal appearances.

Dr. Lexy Banks

Dr. Lexy Banks, the chiropractor who was looking for someone to match her energy and ambition, has been thriving in her career. She often shares health and wellness tips online and remains an advocate for holistic health practices.

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony, the teacher with a passion for poetry, has been focusing on his career in education and his craft as a poet. He frequently performs at spoken word events and has a strong presence in the poetry community.

Melinda “Mimi” Clark

Mimi Clark, who was known for her vibrant personality, has continued to work in real estate. She also pursues her interests in fashion and beauty, often sharing her experiences and lifestyle with her social media followers.

Pastor Chris Kazi Rolle

Chris Kazi Rolle, the pastor and motivational speaker, has continued his work in ministry and public speaking. He often shares inspirational messages and engages in community outreach programs.

Shanta Helena

Shanta Helena, the entrepreneur with a passion for empowering women, has been actively working on her brand. She hosts events and workshops aimed at personal development and women’s empowerment.

Shatava Lindsey

Shatava Lindsey, the owner of a trucking company, has expanded her business ventures. She’s also an advocate for women in the trucking industry and often speaks on the topic.

Shea Pegues

Shea Pegues, who ended the show in a relationship with fellow cast member Michael, has been focusing on her career in fashion and beauty. She continues to build her brand and connect with her audience through various platforms.

Stormy Monroe

Stormy Monroe, the life coach and author, has been actively promoting her books and coaching services. She remains a motivational figure for many of her followers, providing guidance and inspiration.

Tiffany Kirk

Tiffany Kirk, who was known for her strong connection with Alexx on the show, has been pursuing her interests in real estate and entrepreneurship. She also remains active on social media, sharing her life’s updates with her fans.

Where Are They Now: A Summary Table

Cast MemberCurrent Endeavors
Aaron CotteralFinance, Financial Literacy Advocacy
Alexx BlanksHealth Recovery, Inspirational Speaking
Angela RossPrivate Life, Occasional Social Media Updates
Ashlee AkinsBeauty Entrepreneur, Acting, Modeling
Dr. Lexy BanksChiropractic Practice, Wellness Advocacy
Michael AnthonyEducation, Poetry
Mimi ClarkReal Estate, Fashion, Beauty
Pastor Chris Kazi RolleMinistry, Motivational Speaking
Shanta HelenaEntrepreneurship, Women’s Empowerment
Shatava LindseyTrucking Business, Industry Advocacy
Shea PeguesFashion, Beauty Brand Development
Stormy MonroeLife Coaching, Authorship
Tiffany KirkReal Estate, Entrepreneurship

FAQs About “Ready to Love” Season 1 Cast

  • Has any cast member from Season 1 found lasting love since the show?
    While some cast members have kept their personal lives private, others have shared updates about new relationships or developments in their love lives. However, specifics about lasting relationships are not always publicly disclosed.
  • Are any of the cast members still involved with the show?
    Some cast members have made appearances in reunion specials or have been featured in updates by the network. However, most have continued with their lives outside of the “Ready to Love” spotlight.
  • What impact did the show have on the cast members’ lives?
    Many cast members have expressed that the show provided them with unique experiences and opportunities for personal growth. It also increased their public visibility, which has helped some in their professional endeavors.


The cast of “Ready to Love” Season 1 has moved forward in various directions since their time on the show. While some have expanded their professional careers, others have taken the personal development and experiences gained from the show to new heights. Their journeys remind us that reality TV can be a stepping stone to greater things and that the search for love is just one aspect of a multifaceted life. As they continue to grow and evolve, the cast of “Ready to Love” Season 1 will always have a special place in the hearts of fans who followed their quest for love.

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