Real World Season 12 Where Are They Now?

The Real World is a reality television series that has been a staple of MTV’s programming since its debut in 1992. Season 12, also known as “The Real World: Las Vegas,” first aired in 2002 and was a pivotal season for the franchise, introducing a cast of seven strangers who lived together in the Palms Casino Resort. The season was known for its dramatic storylines and the unique dynamic between the cast members. Now, years after the cameras stopped rolling, fans are curious about where the cast members are today. This article will delve into the lives of the Season 12 cast members and catch up with their current endeavors.

Introduction to The Real World: Las Vegas

The twelfth season of The Real World brought a fresh dynamic to the series, with the backdrop of Las Vegas providing an atmosphere ripe for drama, romance, and personal growth. The cast members, who were selected from across the United States, brought their own stories and personalities to the show, creating a memorable season that still resonates with fans today.

Cast Members of Season 12

  • Arissa Hill
  • Alton Williams
  • Brynn Smith
  • Frank Roessler
  • Irulan Wilson
  • Steven Hill
  • Trishelle Cannatella

Where Are They Now: The Cast of Season 12

Since the end of The Real World: Las Vegas, the cast members have taken various paths in life, from pursuing entertainment careers to starting families. Here’s a look at where they are now.

Arissa Hill

Arissa Hill was known for her strong personality and clashes with other cast members. After the show, she pursued a career in fashion and worked on various projects. She has also been involved in advocacy work, using her platform to speak on social issues.

Alton Williams

Alton Williams was the athletic heartthrob of the house. Post-show, he continued to appear on MTV’s The Challenge series, showcasing his physical prowess. Outside of reality TV, Alton has focused on personal fitness and wellness.

Brynn Smith

Brynn Smith brought a mix of humor and drama to the show. Since then, she has settled down and focused on her family life. Brynn has kept a relatively low profile compared to her castmates.

Frank Roessler

Frank Roessler was the level-headed member of the cast who often played the role of mediator. After the show, he pursued a career in business and founded his own investment company. Frank has also participated in The Challenge.

Irulan Wilson

Irulan Wilson’s relationship with Alton was a central storyline of the season. She has since worked in the photography and film industries and has kept her personal life private.

Steven Hill

Steven Hill was involved in one of the season’s most controversial moments. After the show, he faced legal issues but has since worked to rebuild his life and career, focusing on business ventures.

Trishelle Cannatella

Trishelle Cannatella was known for her party-girl persona and romantic entanglements. She has continued to appear on reality TV shows, including The Challenge, and has also tried her hand at acting and poker.

Arissa Hill’s Advocacy Work

Arissa has been particularly vocal about issues such as mental health and racial equality. She has used her social media platforms to engage with her followers on these topics and to promote positive change.

Alton Williams’ Fitness Journey

Alton has become a fitness guru, sharing his journey and inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle. He has been involved in various fitness-related ventures and continues to be an advocate for physical well-being.

Brynn Smith’s Family Life

Brynn has embraced motherhood and often shares glimpses of her family life on social media. She has expressed gratitude for the stability and joy that her family brings her.

Frank Roessler’s Business Acumen

Frank’s business endeavors have been successful, with his investment company focusing on real estate. He has shared insights into his business strategies and continues to be involved in the entrepreneurial space.

Irulan Wilson’s Creative Pursuits

Irulan has maintained her passion for the arts, working on various creative projects. She has kept a low profile but occasionally shares her work with fans who are eager to see her latest creations.

Steven Hill’s Rebranding

Steven has worked hard to move past his controversies and has focused on personal growth. He has been involved in business and occasionally reflects on his experiences on The Real World and how they shaped him.

Trishelle Cannatella’s Varied Career

Trishelle has explored various avenues in the entertainment industry, from reality TV to acting to poker. She has built a diverse career and continues to seek new opportunities.

Impact of The Real World on the Cast

The Real World: Las Vegas had a significant impact on the lives of its cast members. The exposure and experiences gained from the show have influenced their career choices and personal development.

Life After Reality TV

While some cast members have continued to embrace the spotlight, others have chosen to step away from public life. The balance between public and private life has been a personal choice for each cast member.

Lessons Learned

The cast members have often spoken about the lessons they learned from their time on The Real World. From personal growth to understanding different perspectives, the experience has been transformative for many.

FAQs About The Real World: Las Vegas Cast

Have any of the Season 12 cast members returned to reality TV?

Yes, several cast members, including Alton Williams and Trishelle Cannatella, have returned to reality TV, particularly on MTV’s The Challenge series.

Did any of the relationships from the show last?

While some relationships continued after the show, most did not stand the test of time. The cast members have since moved on to other relationships and life stages.

What legacy did The Real World: Las Vegas leave behind?

The season is remembered for pushing the boundaries of reality TV and for its candid portrayal of young adults navigating life’s challenges. It set a precedent for future seasons of The Real World and other reality shows.


The Real World: Las Vegas was a groundbreaking season that left a lasting impression on both its cast and viewers. Years later, the cast members have embarked on diverse paths, with some staying in the public eye and others choosing a more private life. Their experiences on the show have shaped their lives in various ways, and they continue to be remembered by fans of the series. As they move forward, the legacy of Season 12 remains a significant chapter in reality TV history.

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