Robby Krieger Net Worth 2024


Robby Krieger, a name that resonates with the golden era of rock and roll, is a legendary American guitarist and songwriter, best known as a member of the iconic rock band, The Doors. His unique style and innovative approach to music have made him one of the most influential guitarists in the history of rock music. As we approach 2024, let’s delve into the details of Robby Krieger’s net worth, his journey in the music industry, and the factors contributing to his wealth.

Estimated Net Worth:$15 million
Born:January 8, 1946
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Musician, Songwriter

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Robby Krieger was born in Los Angeles, California, and developed an interest in music at a young age. He initially played the trumpet, then moved on to the piano before finally settling on the guitar. His early influences included folk music, flamenco, and jazz, which later played a significant role in shaping his unique style.

The Doors and Rise to Fame

In 1965, Krieger joined The Doors, alongside Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, and John Densmore. The band quickly gained popularity with their psychedelic rock sound and Morrison’s poetic lyrics. Krieger, as the primary guitarist, contributed significantly to the band’s success. He also wrote some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Light My Fire,” “Love Me Two Times,” and “Touch Me,” which further increased his fame and wealth.

Post-Doors Career

After The Doors disbanded in 1973, Krieger continued his musical journey, forming the Butts Band with Densmore. He also embarked on a solo career, releasing several albums that showcased his versatility as a musician. His solo work, while not as commercially successful as The Doors, still contributed to his net worth.

Reunion Tours and Collaborations

Krieger and Manzarek reunited in the 21st century for several Doors reunion tours, which were highly successful and added to Krieger’s wealth. He also collaborated with various artists throughout his career, further enhancing his reputation and income.

Income from Record Sales

As a member of The Doors, Krieger enjoyed significant income from record sales. The band sold over 100 million records worldwide, with their self-titled debut album and “L.A. Woman” being their most successful. Krieger’s share from these sales forms a substantial part of his net worth.

Royalties and Licensing

Krieger also earns a considerable amount from royalties and licensing. The songs he wrote for The Doors continue to be played on radio stations and used in movies, TV shows, and commercials, providing a steady stream of income.

Concerts and Tours

Concerts and tours are another significant source of income for Krieger. Whether with The Doors, his solo performances, or collaborations, Krieger’s live performances have always been well-received, contributing to his wealth.


Merchandising related to The Doors, such as t-shirts, posters, and other memorabilia, also adds to Krieger’s net worth. Fans worldwide continue to purchase these items, providing additional income.

Real Estate Investments

Krieger has made some savvy real estate investments over the years. He owns several properties in California, including a beautiful home in Los Angeles, which add to his wealth.

Art Sales

Apart from music, Krieger is also an accomplished painter. He sells his artwork, with some pieces fetching high prices, adding another source of income to his portfolio.


In conclusion, Robby Krieger’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $15 million. His wealth is a testament to his successful career as a musician and songwriter, his smart investments, and his diverse talents. Despite the ups and downs of his career, Krieger has remained a significant figure in the music industry, and his influence continues to be felt in the world of rock and roll.

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