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Sarah Jakes Roberts is a renowned American author, motivational speaker, and media personality. She is also known for her role as a pastor in the One Church LA, now known as The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver. Sarah Jakes Roberts is the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes and Serita Jakes, who are both influential figures in the religious community. This article will delve into the projected net worth of Sarah Jakes Roberts in 2024, her sources of wealth, and her journey to financial success.


Estimated Net Worth:$6 million
Born:July 19, 1989
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Author, Motivational Speaker, Pastor

Early Life and Career

Sarah Jakes Roberts was born and raised in West Virginia. She faced numerous challenges in her early life, including teenage pregnancy and a failed marriage. However, she turned her life around and used her experiences to inspire others. She started her career as a motivational speaker, sharing her life experiences and lessons with others. Her ability to connect with people and her powerful storytelling skills quickly made her a sought-after speaker.

Writing Career

Aside from being a motivational speaker, Sarah Jakes Roberts is also a successful author. She has written several books, including “Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life” and “Don’t Settle for Safe: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppable.” Her books have been well-received and have contributed significantly to her net worth.

Pastoral Work

In addition to her speaking and writing career, Sarah Jakes Roberts is also a pastor at The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver, alongside her husband, Toure Roberts. The church is known for its diverse congregation and its focus on community outreach. Her work as a pastor has not only increased her influence but also contributed to her wealth.

Media Presence

Sarah Jakes Roberts has a strong media presence. She has a popular podcast, “Woman Evolve,” where she discusses various topics, including faith, relationships, and personal growth. She also has a significant following on social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. Her media presence has played a crucial role in increasing her net worth.

Public Speaking

As a motivational speaker, Sarah Jakes Roberts is often invited to speak at conferences, seminars, and other events. Her speaking engagements are another significant source of her income.

Projected Net Worth in 2024

Given her multiple streams of income and her growing influence, Sarah Jakes Roberts’ net worth is expected to increase in the coming years. By 2024, her net worth is projected to be around $6 million.

Factors Influencing Her Net Worth

Several factors will influence Sarah Jakes Roberts’ net worth in 2024. These include the sales of her books, her speaking engagements, her pastoral work, and her media presence. Additionally, her ongoing projects and future endeavors will also contribute to her net worth.

Charitable Work

Despite her wealth, Sarah Jakes Roberts is known for her charitable work. She is involved in various charitable organizations and initiatives, particularly those that support women and children. While her charitable work does not directly contribute to her net worth, it demonstrates her commitment to giving back to the community.


In conclusion, Sarah Jakes Roberts is a successful author, motivational speaker, and pastor with a projected net worth of $6 million by 2024. Her wealth comes from various sources, including her books, speaking engagements, pastoral work, and media presence. Despite her success, she remains committed to giving back to the community through her charitable work. Sarah Jakes Roberts’ story is a testament to overcoming adversity and using one’s experiences to inspire and uplift others.

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