Season 10 Married At First Sight Where Are They Now?

Season 10 of “Married at First Sight” was a rollercoaster of emotions, with five couples taking the daring leap into matrimony with a partner they had never met before. As the cameras stopped rolling and the reality of married life set in, fans have been eager to know where the cast members are now. This article delves into the lives of the Season 10 couples, exploring their journeys since the show ended and where they stand today.

Overview of Season 10 Couples

Before we dive into the current whereabouts of the Season 10 cast, let’s recap the couples that took part in this social experiment:

  • Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben
  • Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin
  • Michael Watson and Meka Jones
  • Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad
  • Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer

Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben: Where Are They Now?

Zach and Mindy’s marriage faced challenges from the start, with a lack of attraction and commitment issues. After deciding to divorce before Decision Day, both have moved on with their lives.

  • Zach has focused on his fitness career and has been relatively private about his personal life post-show.
  • Mindy has been an advocate for body positivity and mental health, sharing her journey on social media and remaining active in the “MAFS” community.

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin: Post-Show Update

Brandon and Taylor’s relationship was tumultuous, marked by arguments and a lack of trust. They also divorced before Decision Day, and their lives have taken separate paths since then.

  • Brandon has kept a low profile, with little public information available about his current endeavors.
  • Taylor has used her platform to discuss social issues and has continued her career in research while also dabbling in modeling and influencing.

Michael Watson and Meka Jones: Current Status

Michael and Meka’s marriage was strained by trust issues and communication problems. They chose to divorce, and both have been focusing on personal growth.

  • Michael has been working on his career in education and has not shared much about his private life since the show.
  • Meka has been vocal about her “MAFS” experience and has been pursuing her career ambitions while also engaging with fans on social media.

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad: Life After “MAFS”

Derek and Katie’s youthful energy initially seemed promising, but differences in their long-term goals led to their divorce. They have since taken new directions in life.

  • Derek has continued his career in cybersecurity and has been exploring his passions for travel and photography.
  • Katie has remarried and is focusing on her career as a mental health professional, sharing insights into her life through social media.

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer: Still Together?

Austin and Jessica were the success story of Season 10, with a strong connection that led them to stay married on Decision Day. Fans are eager to know if they are still together.

  • Austin and Jessica have remained married and have shared their journey as a couple, including milestones and everyday life, with their followers.
  • They have been involved in various “MAFS” spin-offs and specials, giving updates on their married life.

Individual Growth and Career Progress

Aside from their romantic lives, the cast members have been focusing on their careers and personal development.

  • Many have continued in their pre-show careers, while others have taken new paths or expanded their professional horizons.
  • Some have become advocates for causes they are passionate about, using their platforms to raise awareness.

Engagement with Fans and Media

The Season 10 cast has varying levels of engagement with their fan base and the media.

  • Some cast members regularly interact with fans on social media, sharing updates and participating in Q&A sessions.
  • Others prefer to keep their post-show lives private, with minimal public appearances or interviews.

Reflections on the “MAFS” Experience

Looking back on their time on “Married at First Sight,” the Season 10 cast members have shared mixed feelings.

  • Many have expressed gratitude for the lessons learned and the personal growth they experienced through the process.
  • Others have been critical of the experience, citing the challenges and pressures of marrying a stranger on television.

Relationships with Fellow Cast Members

The dynamics between the Season 10 cast members have evolved since the show ended.

  • Some have maintained friendships and support networks with their fellow “MAFS” participants.
  • Others have distanced themselves from the cast, focusing on their individual lives and relationships outside the show.

Participation in “MAFS” Spin-Offs and Reunions

Several Season 10 cast members have appeared in “Married at First Sight” spin-offs and reunion specials.

  • These appearances have provided updates on their lives and given fans a glimpse into the long-term impact of the show.
  • They have also offered opportunities for cast members to address unresolved issues and share their sides of the story.

Public Perception and Social Media Influence

The public’s perception of the Season 10 cast has been shaped by their portrayal on the show and their subsequent actions.

  • Some cast members have leveraged their “MAFS” fame to build a following and influence on social media.
  • Others have faced criticism and have had to navigate the complexities of public scrutiny.

Advice for Future “MAFS” Participants

With the benefit of hindsight, Season 10 cast members have offered advice to future “Married at First Sight” participants.

  • They emphasize the importance of open communication, honesty, and realistic expectations when entering the experiment.
  • Many stress the need for a strong support system and self-care throughout the process.

Impact on Views of Marriage and Relationships

The experience on “Married at First Sight” has influenced the Season 10 cast’s views on marriage and relationships.

  • For some, it has reinforced the value of compatibility and the work required to build a successful marriage.
  • For others, it has led to a reevaluation of their relationship priorities and what they seek in a partner.

FAQ Section

Are any of the Season 10 couples still together?

As of the latest updates, Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer are the only couple from Season 10 who have remained together and are still married.

How have the cast members dealt with negative feedback from the show?

Cast members have dealt with negative feedback in various ways, from addressing it head-on in interviews and social media to stepping back from the public eye to focus on personal well-being.

What advice do Season 10 cast members have for future “MAFS” participants?

They advise future participants to maintain open communication, set realistic expectations, and ensure they have a strong support system throughout their “MAFS” journey.


In conclusion, the lives of the Season 10 “Married at First Sight” cast members have taken diverse paths since their time on the show. While some relationships ended in divorce, others have flourished, and all participants have experienced personal growth. Their journeys post-show reflect a mix of continued public engagement and a desire for privacy. As they navigate life after reality TV, their stories serve as a testament to the unpredictable nature of love and marriage, especially under the unique circumstances of marrying at first sight.

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