Step By Step Cast Where Are They Now?

Step By Step was a beloved American sitcom that aired from 1991 to 1998. The show followed the lives of the Lambert and Foster families, blended through the marriage of Frank Lambert and Carol Foster. With a mix of humor, family values, and relatable storylines, it became a staple of ’90s television. As years have passed, fans often wonder what happened to the actors who played their favorite characters. In this article, we’ll take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and find out where the cast of Step By Step is now.

Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert

Patrick Duffy, who played the lovable, easy-going contractor Frank Lambert, continued his acting career post-Step By Step. He reprised his iconic role as Bobby Ewing on the revival of “Dallas” from 2012 to 2014. Duffy has also made guest appearances on various TV shows and has been involved in theater. In his personal life, Duffy faced tragedy with the loss of his wife in 2017 but has since found love again with actress Linda Purl.

Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster Lambert

Suzanne Somers portrayed the caring and optimistic Carol Foster Lambert. After the show, Somers continued to thrive as an actress, author, and businesswoman. She has written numerous books, mostly focusing on health and wellness, and launched a successful fitness product, the Thighmaster. Somers has also been an advocate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and continues to be a prominent figure in the health industry.

Staci Keanan as Dana Foster

Staci Keanan played the smart and sarcastic Dana Foster. After Step By Step, Keanan took a step back from acting to pursue an education. She graduated from UCLA and went on to become an attorney. While she has made occasional appearances in film and television, her primary focus has been her legal career.

Brandon Call as J.T. Lambert

Brandon Call portrayed the cool but underachieving J.T. Lambert. Unlike his co-stars, Call decided to retire from acting after the series ended. He has since maintained a low profile, keeping his post-Hollywood life private. Information about his current endeavors is scarce, as he has stayed out of the public eye.

Angela Watson as Karen Foster

Angela Watson, who played the fashion-obsessed Karen Foster, continued acting for a short while after the show’s conclusion. However, she later became an advocate for child actors and their financial protection, founding the organization “Child Actors Supporting Themselves” (CAST). Watson has also been involved in real estate and maintains a presence on social media.

Christine Lakin as Al Lambert

Christine Lakin brought to life the tomboyish Al Lambert. Post-Step By Step, Lakin has had a successful acting career, with roles in both film and television. She has also done voice work for video games and animation. Lakin is active on social media and often shares updates about her projects and personal life, including her experiences as a mother.

Josh Byrne as Brendan Lambert

Josh Byrne played the youngest Lambert child, Brendan. After the show, Byrne stepped away from acting and has kept a low profile. Details about his current career and activities are not widely known, as he has chosen to live a life away from the spotlight.

Christopher Castile as Mark Foster

Christopher Castile portrayed the brainy Mark Foster. After his time on Step By Step, Castile retired from acting to focus on education. He became a political science professor at Biola University and has been dedicated to teaching and academic pursuits.

Sasha Mitchell as Cody Lambert

Sasha Mitchell played the lovable but dim-witted Cody Lambert. Following some legal and personal issues, Mitchell returned to acting and appeared in several films. He is also a trained martial artist and has participated in kickboxing competitions. Mitchell remains active on social media, where he connects with fans and shares updates about his life.

Reunions and Recent Gatherings

Over the years, there have been mini-reunions of the Step By Step cast, often documented on social media. Fans have been delighted to see the cast members come together, reminiscing about their time on the show and catching up on each other’s lives.

Legacy of Step By Step

The legacy of Step By Step lives on through reruns and streaming platforms, introducing the show to new generations. The cast members have often expressed their gratitude for the show and the lasting impact it has had on their careers and lives.

Table: Step By Step Cast – Where Are They Now?

ActorCharacterCurrent Endeavors
Patrick DuffyFrank LambertActing, Theater
Suzanne SomersCarol Foster LambertAuthor, Businesswoman
Staci KeananDana FosterAttorney
Brandon CallJ.T. LambertRetired from Acting
Angela WatsonKaren FosterAdvocate, Real Estate
Christine LakinAl LambertActress, Voice Artist
Josh ByrneBrendan LambertPrivate Life
Christopher CastileMark FosterProfessor
Sasha MitchellCody LambertActing, Martial Arts

FAQ Section

Has the Step By Step cast ever had an official reunion?

While there has not been an official televised reunion special, cast members have had mini-reunions and have shared these moments on social media.

Are any of the Step By Step cast members still acting?

Yes, several cast members, such as Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, and Christine Lakin, have continued their acting careers.

What are some of the causes the Step By Step cast are involved in?

Angela Watson is an advocate for child actors’ financial protection, and Suzanne Somers is a prominent figure in health and wellness advocacy.


The cast of Step By Step has taken diverse paths since the show ended. While some have continued to act, others have pursued different careers or retired from the spotlight altogether. Their contributions to the show have left an indelible mark on pop culture, and their current endeavors continue to inspire and influence. Whether through acting, advocacy, or academia, the Step By Step family has shown that there is life after sitcom stardom, filled with personal growth and new adventures.

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