What Happened To Andy Reid’S Son?

The tragic story of Andy Reid’s son, Garrett Reid, is one that has been followed with both sympathy and concern by the football community and the public at large. Andy Reid, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, has faced personal challenges amidst his professional successes. This article delves into the life and untimely death of Garrett Reid, providing a comprehensive understanding of the events that unfolded.

Introduction to the Reid Family

The Reid family has been in the public eye due to Andy Reid’s high-profile career in the NFL. Known for his coaching acumen, Reid has also been a family man, with five children, including his sons Garrett and Britt. However, the Reid family has faced significant struggles, particularly with Garrett’s issues.

Garrett Reid’s Early Life and Struggles

Garrett Reid, born on April 13, 1983, was the eldest son of Andy and Tammy Reid. From a young age, Garrett faced difficulties, including battles with drug addiction that became public knowledge in the mid-2000s. His struggles with substance abuse led to multiple stints in rehab and run-ins with the law.

Garrett’s legal troubles began to surface in 2007 when he was involved in a high-speed car crash while under the influence of heroin. This incident led to a prison sentence and highlighted the extent of his addiction issues. Despite efforts to overcome his demons, Garrett’s path was fraught with relapses and challenges.

The Death of Garrett Reid

On August 5, 2012, Garrett Reid was found dead in his room at the Philadelphia Eagles’ training camp at Lehigh University. The cause of death was later determined to be an accidental heroin overdose. Garrett’s passing sent shockwaves through the NFL community and brought the Reid family’s private struggles into the public eye.

Impact on Andy Reid and the Eagles

Andy Reid took a brief leave of absence from the Eagles following his son’s death but returned to coaching shortly thereafter. The team and the community rallied around Reid, offering support during this difficult time. Garrett’s death also brought attention to the issues of drug addiction and mental health within the sports community.

Responses to Garrett Reid’s Death

The news of Garrett Reid’s death was met with an outpouring of condolences and support for the Reid family. Statements from the Eagles organization, players, and fans expressed deep sympathy and respect for the family’s privacy.

Public Statements and Condolences

Public figures, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, made statements acknowledging the tragedy and extending their sympathies to the Reid family. The widespread response underscored the impact that Garrett’s life and death had on those around him.

Garrett Reid’s Legacy

Despite his struggles, Garrett Reid’s legacy is one of a loving son and brother. His life story has served as a cautionary tale about the dangers of addiction and the importance of support and treatment for those battling substance abuse.

Remembering Garrett Reid

The Reid family has worked to honor Garrett’s memory by being open about the challenges they faced and by supporting initiatives aimed at combating drug addiction. Andy Reid has occasionally spoken about his son’s struggles, hoping to help others facing similar issues.

Andy Reid’s Career After Garrett’s Death

Andy Reid continued his coaching career after Garrett’s death, eventually parting ways with the Eagles and taking on the role of head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. His professional success, including leading the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory, has been a testament to his resilience in the face of personal tragedy.

Resilience and Success

Reid’s ability to balance his personal grief with his professional responsibilities has been widely admired. His success with the Chiefs is often seen as a tribute to his strength and dedication, both on and off the field.

Support for the Reid Family

The football community and fans have continued to show support for Andy Reid and his family over the years. This support has been crucial in helping the family navigate their loss and continue to move forward.

Continued Support and Healing

The journey of healing is ongoing for the Reid family. The support from friends, colleagues, and fans has been a source of comfort and strength as they remember Garrett and work to prevent similar tragedies in other families.

Table Summary: The Life and Death of Garrett Reid

Early LifeEldest son of Andy and Tammy Reid, faced early struggles with drug addiction
Legal IssuesHigh-speed car crash in 2007, subsequent prison sentence
DeathPassed away on August 5, 2012, due to an accidental heroin overdose
Impact on FamilyAndy Reid took a brief leave from coaching, family received widespread support
LegacyRemembered as a loving son and brother, his story highlights the importance of addressing drug addiction

FAQ Section

How did Garrett Reid die?

Garrett Reid died from an accidental heroin overdose on August 5, 2012, at the Philadelphia Eagles’ training camp.

What was Andy Reid’s response to his son’s death?

Andy Reid took a brief leave of absence from his coaching duties to be with his family. He has since spoken publicly about the tragedy in hopes of helping others with similar struggles.

Has Garrett Reid’s death had an impact on the NFL’s approach to drug addiction?

Garrett Reid’s death brought renewed attention to the issue of drug addiction within the NFL community, leading to discussions about support systems and resources for those dealing with substance abuse.


The story of Garrett Reid is a poignant reminder of the human side of professional sports and the personal battles that can exist behind public personas. The Reid family’s openness about their struggles has provided insight into the challenges of addiction and the importance of support and treatment. Andy Reid’s ability to continue his successful coaching career while dealing with such a profound loss is a testament to his strength and resilience. Garrett’s legacy lives on through the awareness his story has raised and the ongoing support for individuals and families affected by addiction.

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