What Happened To Cornelia Marie?

The Cornelia Marie is one of the most famous fishing vessels to have graced the Bering Sea, largely due to its prominent role on the Discovery Channel’s hit reality series, “Deadliest Catch.” The boat and its crew have faced numerous challenges over the years, both on and off the screen, leading many fans to wonder about its fate and current status. This article delves into the history, changes, and present condition of the Cornelia Marie, providing a comprehensive overview of this iconic crab fishing boat.

The Legacy of the Cornelia Marie

The Cornelia Marie’s story is one of resilience and change. Originally built in 1989, the boat was named after Cornelia Marie Devlin, the wife of the original owner. It has since become a symbol of the perilous crab fishing industry in Alaska, known for its treacherous waters and the brave souls who navigate them.

Ownership and Captaincy

Ownership of the Cornelia Marie has changed hands several times throughout its history. The most notable of its captains was Phil Harris, who became a fan favorite on “Deadliest Catch” until his untimely death in 2010. His sons, Josh and Jake Harris, have since been involved with the boat, with Josh taking a more active role in recent years.

Phil Harris’s Legacy

Phil Harris’s impact on the Cornelia Marie and its crew cannot be overstated. His personality and leadership made the vessel a household name. After his passing, the future of the Cornelia Marie was uncertain, with fans and crew members alike mourning the loss of the beloved captain.

Challenges and Triumphs

The Cornelia Marie has faced its fair share of challenges, from brutal storms to mechanical failures. Despite these setbacks, the vessel and its crew have shown remarkable tenacity, often overcoming adversity to continue their fishing voyages.

Technical Upgrades and Repairs

Over the years, the Cornelia Marie has undergone numerous upgrades and repairs to ensure its safety and efficiency. These improvements have helped the vessel stay competitive in the ever-evolving fishing industry.

Return to “Deadliest Catch”

After a brief hiatus from “Deadliest Catch,” the Cornelia Marie made a triumphant return to the show, much to the delight of fans. This comeback highlighted the vessel’s enduring appeal and the crew’s dedication to the memory of Phil Harris.

The Modern Era of the Cornelia Marie

In recent years, the Cornelia Marie has continued to be a fixture of the Bering Sea crab fishing fleet. Under the guidance of Josh Harris and co-captain Casey McManus, the boat has embarked on new adventures and faced fresh challenges.

Josh Harris’s Leadership

Josh Harris has stepped into his father’s shoes as a leader and face of the Cornelia Marie. His commitment to the vessel and its legacy is evident in his efforts to maintain and improve the boat, as well as his determination to keep the Cornelia Marie’s story alive.

Technological Advancements

The Cornelia Marie has embraced modern technology to enhance its fishing operations. From state-of-the-art navigation systems to advanced crab pots, these advancements have helped the crew maximize their catch while ensuring safety at sea.

Life After “Deadliest Catch”

While “Deadliest Catch” has brought fame to the Cornelia Marie, the vessel’s story extends beyond the television screen. The crew continues to work hard during the off-season, preparing for the next crab season and ensuring the boat remains in top condition.

Off-Season Activities

During the off-season, the Cornelia Marie undergoes maintenance and upgrades. The crew also engages in other fishing activities, such as salmon tendering, to keep the operation running year-round.

Community Engagement

The Cornelia Marie and its crew have become ambassadors for the commercial fishing industry, participating in community events and educational programs to share their experiences and knowledge with the public.

Preserving the Cornelia Marie’s Legacy

The legacy of the Cornelia Marie is preserved through various means, from social media to merchandise. Fans can follow the vessel’s journey and support the crew by purchasing branded apparel and other items.

Merchandise and Branding

The Cornelia Marie brand has expanded to include a range of merchandise, allowing fans to show their support for the boat and its crew. From clothing to accessories, these items help keep the spirit of the Cornelia Marie alive.

Documentary Efforts

There have been talks of documentary projects focusing on the Cornelia Marie and its history. These efforts aim to capture the essence of the boat’s journey and the impact it has had on those who have called it home.

FAQ Section

  • Is the Cornelia Marie still active in crab fishing?
    Yes, the Cornelia Marie remains an active participant in the Bering Sea crab fishing industry.
  • Who currently captains the Cornelia Marie?
    Josh Harris and Casey McManus currently serve as co-captains of the Cornelia Marie.
  • Can fans visit the Cornelia Marie?
    While the Cornelia Marie is a working vessel and not typically open for public tours, fans can often meet the crew at various events and through social media interactions.


The Cornelia Marie’s journey is a testament to the resilience and spirit of the Alaskan crab fishing community. From its early days to its current status as a beloved icon of “Deadliest Catch,” the vessel has weathered storms, undergone transformations, and emerged as a symbol of perseverance. Under the leadership of Josh Harris and Casey McManus, the Cornelia Marie continues to navigate the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea, upholding the legacy of Phil Harris and inspiring a new generation of fishermen. As the boat sails on, its story remains etched in the hearts of fans and the history of crab fishing in Alaska.

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