What Happened To Harry Potter’s Grandparents?

The wizarding world of Harry Potter, created by J.K. Rowling, is filled with rich backstories and family histories that contribute to the depth and complexity of its characters. One of the mysteries that fans often ponder is the fate of Harry Potter’s grandparents. While the books and films primarily focus on Harry’s immediate family, particularly his parents, Lily and James Potter, there is a natural curiosity about the generation that preceded them. This article delves into what is known about Harry Potter’s grandparents, piecing together their lives and untimely demises.

The Potter Grandparents

The Potter family is an old wizarding family, known for their wealth, benevolence, and the invisibility cloak that has been passed down through generations. Harry’s paternal grandparents were Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. Their lives, though not extensively covered in the series, are crucial to understanding Harry’s lineage and the inheritance of the invisibility cloak.

Fleamont Potter

Fleamont Potter was an accomplished wizard who invented Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion, a product that tamed and styled hair. The success of this potion significantly increased the Potter family fortune. Fleamont was also known for his dueling skills, which he often had to use to defend his honor due to the teasing he received over his unusual name.

Euphemia Potter

Little is known about Euphemia Potter, but it is clear that she was a loving wife to Fleamont and a doting mother to their only child, James Potter. Euphemia and Fleamont lived a comfortable life due to the success of the Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion.

Their Contribution to the Wizarding World

Fleamont and Euphemia Potter were not only wealthy but also generous. They contributed to various charitable causes within the wizarding community, earning the respect and admiration of their peers.

Their Demise

Tragically, both Fleamont and Euphemia succumbed to Dragon Pox, a contagious and potentially fatal disease among wizards. They died within days of each other, shortly after their son, James, married Lily Evans.

The Evans Grandparents

On the maternal side, Harry’s grandparents were Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Unlike the Potters, the Evans family were Muggles, ordinary people without magical abilities. They had two daughters, Petunia and Lily Evans, the latter of whom would become Harry’s mother.

Mr. Evans

Mr. Evans’ first name is not mentioned in the series, and details about his life are scarce. He was a Muggle and the father of Petunia and Lily Evans.

Mrs. Evans

Similarly, Mrs. Evans’ first name and background are not provided in the series. She was a Muggle and the mother of Petunia and Lily.

Their Lives

The Evans family lived in the town of Cokeworth in England. They led an ordinary Muggle life, with Mr. and Mrs. Evans raising their daughters in a non-magical environment.

Their Reaction to Magic

When Lily Evans received her letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, her parents were proud of her magical abilities, despite being Muggles themselves. However, this caused a rift between Lily and her sister Petunia, who was envious of Lily’s magical talents.

Their Death

The circumstances surrounding the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Evans are not detailed in the series. It is assumed that they passed away of natural causes before the events of the Harry Potter series.

Impact on Harry Potter

The deaths of Harry’s grandparents had a significant impact on his life. With both sets of grandparents deceased, Harry’s only living relatives were the Dursleys, who treated him poorly.

Orphaned at a Young Age

Harry was left an orphan after the murder of his parents by Lord Voldemort. The absence of his grandparents meant that he had no other family to turn to.

Inheritance of the Invisibility Cloak

Harry inherited the invisibility cloak that once belonged to his paternal grandfather, Fleamont Potter. This cloak, one of the fabled Deathly Hallows, played a crucial role in Harry’s adventures.

Legacy of Generosity

Harry also inherited the Potter family’s wealth and their legacy of generosity. He continued this tradition by donating his Triwizard Tournament winnings to Fred and George Weasley to start their joke shop.


In conclusion, Harry Potter’s grandparents played a significant role in shaping the world he was born into. Fleamont and Euphemia Potter’s untimely deaths due to Dragon Pox left their son James an orphan, albeit an adult one, who would later pass away leaving Harry without parental figures. The Evans grandparents, while not magical themselves, contributed to the wizarding world through their daughter Lily, Harry’s mother. Their deaths, though not explicitly detailed, also contributed to Harry’s early orphanhood. The legacy of both sets of grandparents lived on through Harry, who carried their values and possessions into his own life and adventures.

FAQ Section

  • What were the names of Harry Potter’s paternal grandparents?
    Harry Potter’s paternal grandparents were named Fleamont and Euphemia Potter.
  • How did Harry Potter’s paternal grandparents die?
    Fleamont and Euphemia Potter died of Dragon Pox, a magical disease, shortly after their son James married Lily Evans.
  • Were Harry Potter’s maternal grandparents magical?
    No, Harry Potter’s maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, were Muggles.

Harry Potter’s grandparents may not have been central figures in the series, but their lives and deaths had profound effects on the storyline and Harry’s own journey. Understanding their history provides a deeper insight into the wizarding world and the family legacy that influenced the boy who lived.

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