What Happened To Janet Jackson’s Son?

Janet Jackson, the iconic singer, and sister of the late Michael Jackson, has always been a subject of public fascination. Her personal life, however, has been kept relatively private, especially when it comes to her son. In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Janet Jackson’s son, what has happened to him, and how he has been raised away from the limelight.

Introduction to Janet Jackson’s Son

Janet Jackson’s son, Eissa Al Mana, was born on January 3, 2017. He is the only child of Janet Jackson and her then-husband, Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana. The birth of Eissa was a joyous occasion for Jackson, who at the age of 50, embraced first-time motherhood.

Early Life and Birth

Eissa’s arrival was greeted with privacy and care, as Janet took a step back from the public eye to focus on her pregnancy and child. The couple was reportedly overjoyed with the birth of their son, and Janet has since described Eissa as a great blessing in her life.

Parental Split and Custody

Just a few months after Eissa’s birth, news broke that Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana had decided to part ways. The separation led to discussions about custody arrangements for Eissa, which have been kept discreet, with both parents aiming to provide a stable environment for their son.

Growing Up Away from the Spotlight

Despite Janet Jackson’s fame, she has made a concerted effort to keep Eissa’s life private. She has been rarely photographed with her son, and details about his upbringing are scarce, reflecting Janet’s desire to give Eissa a normal childhood away from media scrutiny.

Janet Jackson’s Approach to Motherhood

Janet Jackson has often spoken about the joy of being a mother. She has embraced motherhood with open arms and has been dedicated to providing a loving and nurturing environment for Eissa.

Values and Privacy

Janet has instilled values of family, privacy, and respect in Eissa’s upbringing. She has been protective of her son’s exposure to the public and has rarely shared information about him with the media.

Balance of Work and Parenthood

As a performer with a demanding career, Janet has had to balance her professional life with her role as a mother. She has managed to do so by taking breaks from the entertainment industry to focus on her son’s needs.

Media Speculation and Public Interest

The lack of information about Eissa has led to media speculation and a heightened public interest in Janet Jackson’s son. Fans and the media alike have been curious about Eissa’s life and how he is being raised.

Occasional Public Appearances

On the rare occasions that Eissa has been seen in public with Janet, he has appeared to be a happy and well-adjusted child. These glimpses into their lives have been warmly received by fans who respect Janet’s decision to keep her son’s life private.

Rumors and False Reports

There have been various rumors and false reports regarding Eissa’s upbringing and Janet’s parenting. However, these have been largely dismissed by those close to the family as unfounded and not reflective of the truth.

Janet Jackson’s Relationship with Her Ex-Husband

The relationship between Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana post-divorce has been a subject of interest, particularly concerning co-parenting arrangements for Eissa.

Co-parenting Dynamics

Janet and Wissam have reportedly maintained a respectful relationship for the sake of their son. They have worked out a co-parenting arrangement that prioritizes Eissa’s well-being and stability.

The specifics of the legal and custody arrangements between Janet and Wissam have been kept private. It is believed that both parents have Eissa’s best interests at heart and have come to an amicable agreement.

Impact of Fame on Eissa’s Life

Being the son of a global superstar comes with its own set of challenges. Janet Jackson has been mindful of the impact her fame could have on Eissa’s life.

Sheltering from the Limelight

Janet has taken steps to shelter Eissa from the limelight, ensuring that he has the space to grow up without the pressures that come with being in the public eye.

Normalcy and Routine

Despite her fame, Janet has strived to provide a sense of normalcy and routine in Eissa’s life, with regular activities and a stable home environment.

Janet Jackson’s Musical Legacy and Eissa

Janet Jackson’s musical legacy is undeniable, and there is curiosity about whether Eissa will follow in his mother’s footsteps.

Influence of Music in Eissa’s Life

While it is too early to tell if Eissa will have an interest in music or the entertainment industry, it is likely that he is being exposed to music and the arts given his mother’s career.

Future Prospects and Interests

As Eissa grows older, his future prospects and interests will become clearer. For now, Janet is focused on providing him with a well-rounded upbringing that allows him to explore his own path.

Public Statements from Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has occasionally made public statements regarding her son, which provide some insight into her life as a mother and Eissa’s upbringing.

Interviews and Social Media

In interviews and on social media, Janet has expressed her love and dedication to Eissa. She has shared how motherhood has changed her life and her priorities.

Protecting Eissa’s Privacy

Janet has consistently emphasized the importance of protecting Eissa’s privacy and allowing him to have a childhood free from media intrusion.

FAQ Section

  • What is known about Janet Jackson’s son?
    Eissa Al Mana is the only child of Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana. He was born on January 3, 2017, and has been raised largely out of the public eye.
  • How has Janet Jackson balanced her career and motherhood?
    Janet has taken breaks from her career to focus on her son and has worked to maintain a balance between her professional obligations and her role as a mother.
  • Will Eissa follow in his mother’s footsteps?
    It is too early to tell if Eissa will pursue a career in music or entertainment. Janet is providing him with a nurturing environment to explore his own interests.


In conclusion, Janet Jackson’s son, Eissa Al Mana, has been raised with a focus on privacy and normalcy despite the fame of his mother. Janet has worked to balance her career with her role as a mother, ensuring that Eissa grows up with the love and stability he needs. While the public remains curious about Eissa, Janet’s commitment to his well-being is clear, and she continues to protect his childhood from the media spotlight. As Eissa grows older, the world may learn more about him, but for now, Janet Jackson’s approach to motherhood is one of careful protection and unconditional love.

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