What Happened To Ken Rosato?

Ken Rosato is a name that has become synonymous with morning news for many viewers in the New York area. As an anchor for WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News This Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon, Rosato has been a familiar face on television screens for years. However, there have been periods when he has been noticeably absent from his anchoring duties, leading viewers to wonder about his whereabouts and well-being. This article delves into the career of Ken Rosato, the circumstances surrounding his absences, and what has happened to him.

Introduction to Ken Rosato

Before diving into the specifics of Ken Rosato’s absences, it’s important to understand his background and career trajectory. Rosato has been a staple in broadcast journalism for several decades, with a career that spans various roles and stations.

  • He began his career in radio before transitioning to television.
  • Rosato joined WABC-TV in 2003 as a reporter and quickly rose through the ranks.
  • He became the morning and noon anchor, a position he has held for many years.

Ken Rosato’s Impact on Morning News

Rosato’s presence on morning news has been significant, with viewers relying on his reporting to start their day informed. His approach to journalism, his rapport with co-anchors, and his connection with the audience have made him a respected figure in the industry.

  • He is known for his in-depth coverage of major events and breaking news.
  • Rosato’s engaging personality has endeared him to viewers.
  • He has received multiple awards for his journalistic work.

Speculations on Ken Rosato’s Absences

Throughout his tenure at WABC-TV, there have been occasions when Ken Rosato was absent from his anchoring role, prompting speculation among viewers. Various reasons have been cited for these absences, ranging from personal matters to health issues.

  • Viewers have expressed concern on social media during his absences.
  • Rumors have circulated, but official statements have often clarified the situation.

Health Concerns and Time Off

One of the primary reasons for Ken Rosato’s time away from the anchor desk has been health-related. Like many public figures, Rosato has faced health challenges that required him to step back from his duties temporarily.

  • In the past, he has been open about needing time off for medical procedures.
  • Recovery periods following these procedures have led to extended absences.

Ken Rosato’s Return to Television

After periods of absence, Rosato has made several comebacks to WABC-TV, much to the delight of his audience. His returns are often met with warm welcomes from both viewers and colleagues.

  • His comebacks are typically announced in advance by the station.
  • Rosato often shares his gratitude for viewer support during his time off.

Support from Colleagues and Viewers

The support Ken Rosato has received during his absences speaks volumes about his impact on those around him. Both colleagues and viewers have shown immense support during his time away from the news desk.

  • Co-anchors have publicly expressed their well-wishes and anticipation for his return.
  • Viewers have sent messages of support and concern through social media and other channels.

Ken Rosato’s Role in Community Events

Apart from his anchoring duties, Ken Rosato is actively involved in community events and charitable causes. His participation in these events is another aspect of his career that endears him to the public.

  • He often hosts and participates in community events and fundraisers.
  • Rosato’s involvement in these events is covered by WABC-TV and other media outlets.

Privacy and Public Figures

As a public figure, Ken Rosato’s life is of interest to many, but he, like others in the spotlight, values his privacy. The balance between public interest and personal privacy is a delicate one.

  • Rosato has managed to keep certain aspects of his personal life private.
  • The station and Rosato himself have been selective about what information is shared publicly.

Ken Rosato’s Social Media Presence

Social media has become a platform for Ken Rosato to connect with his audience beyond the television screen. Through these channels, he shares updates about his life and work.

  • Rosato uses social media to communicate with viewers and provide personal updates.
  • He often posts about his experiences, both personal and professional, on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Speculations on Retirement

With any long-standing career, there comes speculation about retirement. In the case of Ken Rosato, rumors about him stepping down have surfaced from time to time.

  • There has been no official announcement regarding retirement plans.
  • Rosato continues to be an active presence on WABC-TV as of the last known updates.

Ken Rosato’s Legacy in Broadcasting

The legacy that Ken Rosato is building in the broadcasting industry is one of dedication, professionalism, and connection with the audience. His career serves as an example for aspiring journalists.

  • He has mentored young journalists and contributed to the field through his work.
  • Rosato’s approach to news delivery has influenced the style of morning news programs.

FAQ Section

What is Ken Rosato known for?

Ken Rosato is known for being the anchor of WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News This Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon. He is recognized for his journalistic integrity, engaging delivery, and connection with the New York audience.

Why has Ken Rosato been absent from the news desk?

Ken Rosato has been absent from the news desk at times due to health-related issues that required medical attention and recovery time. The station has typically provided official statements regarding his absences.

Has Ken Rosato retired from broadcasting?

As of the last known updates, Ken Rosato has not retired from broadcasting. He continues to be an active and integral part of WABC-TV’s news team.


In conclusion, Ken Rosato’s absences from WABC-TV have been a topic of interest and concern among viewers. While health issues have been a primary reason for his time away from the anchor desk, he has always made a point to return with the same vigor and dedication to journalism. His commitment to his profession and the support he receives from colleagues and viewers alike underscore the significant role he plays in the world of broadcast journalism. As he continues his career, Ken Rosato remains a respected and beloved figure in the New York news landscape.

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